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Everything you need to know about Fortress Siege in Lineage 2: Revolution

Supersize PvP

Set a century before Lineage 2, Lineage 2: Revolution adds a new chapter to the franchise’s story, and is the first instalment for the mobile. South Korean developer Netmarble released the game in Europe and North America earlier this year. Now, as an early Christmas present, the MMORPG has received its first major update, introducing two new siege tournaments. Read on for the deets, peeps.

Fortress Siege

The first of the new tournaments is Fortress Siege. Held at 8.30pm (PST) every Friday, the 30-minute competition sees two clans squabble over control of a fortress. A maximum of 100 players can join the clash, 50 on each side, promising a massive real-time multiplayer battle.

If you’re tempted to throw your clan’s helm into the ring, first you have to bid on a fortress. Bidding takes place every Thursday at 7pm (PST). Simply decide how much Adena your clan is willing to place on the table, and if you’re one of the two highest bidding clans, the game is on. The winner doesn’t take it all, since you’ll glean Adena, EXP and Proof of Blood just for taking part. But come out on top and you’ll also get some coveted red diamonds and buffs to boot.

Like the Scouts say...

...Be prepared. To join Fortress Siege, your character must be level 11+ and in a clan. But bear in mind, everybody keeps their stats and equipment going in, meaning low level players could come up against very high level players. It’s a good idea to get your whole clan up to a competitive level before bidding.

Aside from levelling up, use buffs and equipment to give you the edge. You can buy buffs for your whole clan in the clan shop. You can also wine and dine your fellow fighters with a feast. Whether large, medium or small, feasts give every clan member who eats a boost to their stats. Equipment-wise, be sure to prioritise rare items over regular, as these always come with PvP bonuses.

The aim of the game

Fortress Siege is a capture-the-castle competition. The battle takes place on a symmetrical map, with your clan on one side and the rival clan on the other. To win, you have to bypass the fortress between you, reach your opponent’s Holy Artefact, and touch it for long enough to ‘imprint’ on it.

The fortress has gateways protected by defensive towers, which will rip a lone player to pieces. So it’s best to go at it as a unit, with tank players on the frontline. If any of your clan members end up low on health, there’s a handy healing pool nearby to rejuvenate. Once you destroy the towers, you can destroy the gate and enter the fortress. From here, you can choose to take control of the two altars for a combat boost. Then reach the other side of the map, take care of the artefact’s defence towers and touch it until the imprinting bar fills up. Victory – providing you do it all before your opponent does.

Open Siege

Open Siege takes place every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, and is a smaller scale Fortress Siege. You still have to be level 11 to compete, but you don’t have to be part of a clan. You’ll also begin on a level playing field with other players, as you don’t carry your stats forward into the tournament. You choose your class and race beforehand, so it’s a good opportunity to experiment with character options you’re unfamiliar with. There are 30 players to a side (60 in total), and the winner is once again whichever team imprints on the rival Holy Artefact first.

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Everything you need to know about Fortress Siege in Lineage 2: Revolution image #1
Everything you need to know about Fortress Siege in Lineage 2: Revolution image #1
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