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Five Popular Hollywood Celebrities Who Visit Casinos

It is no secret that a lot of celebrities visit the most luxurious casinos all around the world. Even though buy-ins and stakes are very high at some tables they visit, it is totally understandable since they are all making substantial amounts of money because of their job.

Some of them try to hide it, so they wear masks and funny outfits to the casinos, but the cameras mostly manage to catch them in action and expose through the media. On the other hand, there are celebrities who are proud of being the casino veterans and have no issues talking publicly about that. There are many to choose from, but this is the list of 5 most authentic celebrities who are considered regular customers in casinos.

George Clooney

He got intrigued by the machines and tables in Las Vegas a long time ago, while his aunt, Rosemary Clooney used to perform there. George was interested in the game of Blackjack, but not until he started filming probably one of the most successful movies in the history "Oceans 11", when he spent all of his time in Las Vegas, visiting the casinos more often.

George's friend, who is also a big Hollywood star, Matt Damon once stated that Clooney managed to lose twenty-five blackjack hands in a row. Not only that he lost, but he did not have any cash, so he pulled out the well-known IOU card ("I owe you") but the dealer kindly refused, so Matt had to jump in and pay for him.

Brad Pitt and George Clooney were building Hotel Casino, which was a promising project, but it was bought out for astonishing $202 million US dollars by "W Hotel & Casinos". Also they play online slots on Slotozilla when they have free time.

Charlie Sheen

Everyone knows who Charlie is - probably the most controversial celebrity in the past decade. If you thought that the guy from “Two and a Half Man” is evil, than the real Charlie would surprise you even more. There are hundreds of rumors referring to his drug abuse, his girlfriends, as well as his bad gambling habits. Charlie is one of those who cannot stop.

His famous ex-wife once expressed how she was worried about his gambling addiction because he used to spend a whole salary in casinos playing all kinds of different machines and visiting multiple tables. The fact that Charlie was being paid around two million USD dollars for one single episode of the show called "Two and a Half Man" just proves how much he was able to spend. One casino owner from Las Vegas, who wanted to stay anonymous, once stated that Charlie is their regular guest and that he spends at least $200.000 each week at their place. Who knows how many other places he visits throughout the week!

Ben Affleck

The "Batman" of this era, Ben Affleck is a successful actor who is respected and famous all around the world. Unlike his colleague Charlie, he is known for his professional approach to gambling. He was probably inspired by the MIT students who got famous for their card counting in the game of Blackjack.

He once stated that he got so good at Blackjack that he could easily count the cards and beat the house each time he plays. Counting cards is a very modern technique and it is illegal in all casinos. The fact that Ben is banned for life at the Hard Rock Cafe, which is a casino in Las Vegas, backs up his claims. He won over $135.000 in one session.

Demi Moore

"G.I. Jane", "Ghost", "A Few Good Men" are just some of the titles where this charming lady performed as the leading actress. She is living proof that not only man love gambling. Demi always stated that the gambling is only a hobby and indeed no controversial stories were ever told about her actions.

Moore can be seen in casinos all over the globe, especially in Las Vegas and London. She is very often the VIP guest at the opening ceremonies of new casinos, and never had any issues talking about her gambling hobby.

Matt Damon

This is not the first time you see his name come up on this list and that is because Ben Affleck and George Clooney along with their fellow actors Tobey Maguire and Leonardo DiCaprio were seen playing poker and Blackjack a lot of times together. Allegedly, they were involved in Illegal poker tournaments, which occurred in the five-star hotels, mostly in Las Vegas.

Even though he was seen playing blackjack a lot, Matt stated that he is truly passionate about poker. He played at the World Series of Poker 2009. The movie "Rounders" from 1998 is one of the most famous films where Matt Damon is the leading actor, and he plays a role of a gambler who plays high stakes poker. Who knows, maybe it was this movie that got him into the world of gambling games.

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Five Popular Hollywood Celebrities Who Visit Casinos image #1
Five Popular Hollywood Celebrities Who Visit Casinos image #1
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