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We spoke to the folks behind your new MMORPG obsession: Lineage 2: Revolution

Let's talk about Lineage

Craving a little something extra from your mobile MMORPGs? Lineage 2: Revolution – the new fantasy-set online actioner – is hoping to do something about that, offering iOS and Android users a fully-fledged world to roam and do battle in.

Lineage 2: Revolution features ambitious 50 versus 50 real-time battles for players to get to grips with and sink their teeth into, made possible due to a robust online network that keeps the action fierce and never a chore. Additional castle siege modes, guild challenges, and in-depth character customisation all come rendered in full 3D graphics to help bring you closer to the action, making for one of the most immersive mobile MMOs out there.

To learn more about what Lineage 2: Revolution has in store for players worldwide, we recently sat down with Netmarble to discuss everything from the creatures you can kill to clans you can create. This is what they had to say.

What is the most difficult part about developing this game for mobile? Have you changed a lot of things from the PC version?

"One thing we had to worry about when we ported this game to mobile was figuring out how to bring out the emotion of the PC game and still keep it mobile friendly. We had to keep the controls and the UI simple enough so that it would be easily accessible on a mobile device. We focused on making this game intuitive and simple, for instance by changing the original movement by mouse to using a virtual direction pad, by removing complicated UI, and by marking important things in red.

Other than that, we also made it a point to bring PC quality graphics and gameplay feel to a mobile device as we felt that this was critical to the success of a mobile MMORPG."

How important is the story to the game? Is there a specific storyline that you would hope players focus on?

"Lineage 2: Revolution is based 100 years before the story of the original Lineage 2. Players will join the world as a mercenary assigned to fight against the forces of evil. Although the player starts off as a small member of this mercenary group, through quests slowly becomes the main character of the story.

Ultimately, each clan will become a community, and this community will unite to create their own virtual world, leading to each server having their own unique story."

What is your favorite part of the game and why?

"Personally, I think the most exciting part of the game is not discovering better equipment or when my character levels up. I think the best part is when I fight with my clan and win, or when we just manage to defend our castle from the enemy. Of course, it’s fun to get rewards after a victory, but I think there was more joy in the strategizing of the battles and designating of roles. That is my view on the most exciting part of Lineage 2: Revolution."

What aspects of the game do you think will surprise the players the most?

"Often when I’m introducing the game, people will often see the graphics and actually ask if the footage is from a mobile game. I believe that players will genuinely be surprised at the amazing graphic quality and the fact that this game is played in an open world and in real-time.

Whatever platform the player is playing on, they will be able to experience the best in graphics and gameplay and there will be plenty of comment to choose from. We really wanted this game to feel like an MMORPG.

If it’s going the way we want, the players will initially be surprised by the graphics, then they’ll be surprised when they first see that big group of players in real-time."

This article is sponsored as part of Steel Media Preferred Partners.

We spoke to the folks behind your new MMORPG obsession: Lineage 2: Revolution image #1
We spoke to the folks behind your new MMORPG obsession: Lineage 2: Revolution image #1
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