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5 reasons you should play Arcane Online

Fans of online RPGs listen up because we've put together five reasons why you should check out Gala Inc’s latest release, Arcane Online.

A variety of battle modes

If action is what you’re after you’ll find plenty of it on in Arcane Online - and in a variety of ways too.

You can take part in PvP battles with weekly rankings, 3vs3 team battles, guild warfare, and (if you really want to test your skills) a weekly 150 player siege war mode where guilds of five players attempt to conquer the siege dungeon.

It's loaded with content

Arcane Online has sought to set the bar when it comes to delivering content, and here are just some of the things you can look forward to.

There are over 60 zones to be explored across four different regions in the open world, as well as 10 different dungeons to conquer and hundreds of quests to complete. You'll also have to go up against three raid bosses and three open world Bosses, each uglier than the last.

The game isn't just limited to fighting and questing either. With Arcane Online's crafting system you earn and create special items as well as train and evolve your own unique mount to explore the games open world in style.

Fantastic daily and seasonal events

If there wasn't enough content already you can also look forward to lots of cool daily events, which include adding over 30 new missions and bringing in brand new world bosses to vanquish.

There are also chances to receive special gifts and rewards, including the Jack Lantern avatar in this month's Halloween seasonal event.

Character customization

After selecting the type of character that's right for you (Shaman, Mage, or Warrior) you'll be able to customise your character just the way you want them to be by crafting new items and collecting the 40 avatars - including ones that will give you a brand new costume.

Perfect community

When you play Arcane Online you can enjoy the experience of playing alongside and talking with hundreds of other players. Not only that but if you’d like to get your friends involved you can take on the game as part of a four man team, or even join up to a guild to be a part of an even bigger community.

Arcane Online is available to download right now from the App Store and Google Play.

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5 reasons you should play Arcane Online image #1
5 reasons you should play Arcane Online image #1
01 Jul 2018
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