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App of the Day: Viber

High quality, no cost international calls

In these troubled economic times, wouldn’t it be great to make international phone calls without paying a penny and without going through the hassle of buddy lists and invites?

Guess what? The free Viber for iPhone ticks off both of those requirements and throws in missed call notifications all before lunch.

Viber Media’s client competes in the VoIP space with the recently updated Skype, but unlike the Swedish outfit’s service, Viber needn’t be running in the background to receive an urgent call from your Dad.

It does, however, require some sort of internet connection AND your chums to have the Viper application installed on their handset, though since the software costs zilch, there really is no excuse for downloading.

Once up and running, fellow Vibers are highlighted in your iPhone’s default address book, saving you the hassle of remembrance.

Bluetooth support in Viber has been dramatically improved after a firmware revision, while a newly incorporated call monitoring tool keeps track of the undeniably stonking sound quality, itself underpinned by state of the art tech.

A conveyor belt of features is also promised by the developer, including free text messages, more ringtones, wallpapers, and location-based services (think Facebook Deals).

Dial up Apple's digital marketplace this very second for Qi’s free App of the Day Viber.

App of the Day: Viber image #1
App of the Day: Viber image #1
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