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Deskplorers "Knights" (Episode One)

us TouchMyApps 18 Apr 2011 8.0 Read the review
★★★★ Follow Tom, Lea, Spoon and Scrabot in the Middle Ages! ★★★★
“Doodles Do More Than Just Jump” (touchmyapps.com)
“Deskplorers is made with kids in mind!” (gamingupdate.com)
“The Deskplorers series is very unique.” (app-lyspeaking.com)
A new series of games for 6 to 11 years old girls and boys, blending storytelling, gaming and learning. With The Deskplorers, your kids will read, play, think, discover foreign languages and learn, all with lots of fun!

★★ Episode One : Knights ★★
Tom, Lea, Spoon and Scrabot followed Bratty, Moody and Brutus in the history book! They all landed in the Knights time where the king organizes the annual tournament... Discover what does this new adventure hold for the Deskplorers!
This episode contains 6 chapters: that's more than 200 images and 6 animations.

★ A fun and innovative gameplay ★
It’s very easy!
- Read the story. At the end of a Chapter, The Deskplorers need an object to continue their adventure!
- Find the right object in the Catalog to unlock the Chapters. To use an object, you need points!
- If you don't have enough points, go to the mini-games, play, and win more points!
(3 mini-games are available in this first episode)

★ Made for girls and boys from 6 to 11! ★
- Fun stories that your kids will love to read (5 episodes for Season One "Jump in Time").
- The storyline encourages Strong values (friendship, trust, respect, helping people, respect of nature…).
- A real instructional added-value: great method of reinforcing reading skills, develop the imagination and creative problem solving.
- A great way to discover French (dialogs are available in French when a chapter is unlocked).
- Fun mini-games designed for the iPhone and iPad.
- 2 difficulty levels in each mini-game to suit all kids.

★ More features ★
- Up to 3 profiles are saved.
- A dictionary useful to learn more about each episode's context.
- An album to replay all the videos included in the episode.
- A clue system to help you solve the puzzles.
- A parents corner : manage profiles, advice from us, publish on Facebook, send us an email...

All this with :
- Awesome graphic designs
- A very pleasant and original music theme
- Great ease of use for kids

★★ An Episode Zero "The Beginning" is available for free, it contains 1 original chapter and 1 mini-game (available for the iPhone et the iPad in HD). ★★

★★ Episode Two "Pirates" is available for iPad and iPhone. ★★
Tom, Lea, Spoon and Scrabot continue to follow the "not so nice ones" in the history book. Now they all landed in the Pirates time, and many boats have been attacked... Is there a new pirate in the Caribbean?
This second episode contains 6 chapters: that's more than 200 images and 6 animations.

Tell us what you think, join The Deskplorers on Facebook!
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Publisher: Bulkypix
Formats(s): all
Genre(s): Games, Books, Kids, Family
Filesize: 84MB
Age rating: 4+
App version: 1.4
22 Dec 2011
Version: 1.4
15 Dec 2011
$1.99 to $0.99
06 Aug 2011
$0.99 to $1.99
29 Jul 2011
$1.99 to $0.99
08 Jul 2011
Version: 1.3.3
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