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16th June 2012

Top-down shooter Zombie Gunship gets new objectives, cheaper coins, and more

Airborne artillery title Zombie Gunship now boasts a clipful of new challenges, thanks to its most recent App Store update. As the chief gunner aboard the impressively armed AC-130, it's your job to train your sights on the hoards of undead below, and prevent them from breaking into military bases by blasting the flesh-hungry nasties into dusty grey bits. The latest update to this Top 10 UK paid app introduces a whopping 30 new objectives to complete, which will reward you with new ranks and multipliers to help boost your score even further.

Viral strategy game Plague Inc. gets new events, iCloud synchronisation, and more

Infectious strategy title Plague Inc. has just mutated, bringing yet more catastrophic events to the popular disease-spreading sim. Cast as some sort of psychopathic chemist, you must engineer a deadly pathogen and ensure it spreads throughout the population, ultimately killing every last human on the face of the planet. The latest update adds some new variables to this deadly equation, meaning you must now monitor global warming, anarchist bombs, and the threat of global meltdown.

Mobile sensation Draw Something gets new interface and 'special' words in latest update

Pictionary-inspired mobile sensation Draw Something has just received a visual overhaul, plus a variety of new word options, courtesy of its latest update. Considering this is a game which focuses entirely on the visual, it seems fitting that OMGPOP has decided to liven things up by redesigning the interface, offering a fresh perspective on the insanely popular Qi Top 5 title. This update is not merely aesthetic, however. There are now 30 different categories of 'special' words to choose from, covering everything from 80s trivia and fashion to insults.

Line-drawing sequel Flight Control Rocket temporarily free on the App Store

Space-based line-drawing title Flight Control Rocket can now be downloaded from the App Store for free. This intergalactic offering is a sequel to the Qi Top 5 puzzler Flight Control, in which you had to trace flight paths for landing aircraft, ensuring you didn't cause a mid-air collision in the process. For the franchise's second outing, dev Firemint launched the property into space, replacing the airports with motherships, and the planes with retro-styled rockets.

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Noteworthy changes to the iPhone Quality Index charts

Taking control of the Qi iPhone chart this week is sentient puzzle game mash-up Self Aware.

In this novel app, players must do battle with STU, a rogue AI who has infiltrated your iPhone and is slowly turning it against you.

In order to regain control of your handset, you have to tackle a series of disparate challenges, ranging from arcade minigames like Snake to word and number puzzles, all of which must be completed against the clock.

Clearly a graduate of the GLaDOS School of Social Science, STU will attempt to undermine your confidence along the way, repeatedly informing you are nothing but a genetic mishap. I guess your mother was right all along.

TapScape's reviewer was completely enamoured with Self Aware, describing it as "totally enjoyable, utterly unnerving, and an absolute must-play".

Keeping gamers' appetites satisfied further down the Top 10 is creature-feeding physics-puzzler Webbies.

A cantankerous spider has taken it upon himself to steal all the fruit and nuts from the forest and string them up in his web, leaving the rest of the woodland animals with nothing to eat.

It's your job to nourish the hungry critters by using the web's elasticity to catapult food into their open mouths, thus silencing their grumbling bellies and earning you points.

Combining foodstuffs will earn you extra bonuses, and avoiding kinetic obstacles will become an essential element of later levels.

The folks at 148Apps were big fans of Webbies's fruit-flinging antics, saying "there's no reason for any puzzle fan to pass this one over".

Time for a quick snack, I think.

iPhone Qi Weekly Round-Up image #1
iPhone Qi Weekly Round-Up image #1
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