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10th December 2011

Marvel’s digital storefront for iPhone, Marvel Comics, is updated and enhanced

Marvel's digital storefront and e-reader app Marvel Comics has been updated with a host of performance and usability tweaks. This recent update to Marvel Comics for iPhone improves the app’s performance, leading to faster load times when browsing Marvel’s digital catalogue. Background downloading has also been introduced, meaning that you can select a Wolverine comic to buy and peruse the Spider-Man section while your purchase downloads.

Auto-Tune your voice like a professional for free with I Am T-Pain app

As the craze for robo-pop shows no sign of abating, Qi brings word of how to Auto-Tune your own voice for free on your iPhone. I Am T-Pain promises to make you the illest MC in the club (or the most irritating passenger on the bus) by sampling your voice and adding the trademark T-Pain effect. Smule’s sonic distorter lets you sing along with a playlist of original beats, providing scrolling lyrics to help you stay on - cough - track.

eBay’s iPhone app updated with improved last-minute bidding facility and SMS-sharing feature

In the run-up to Christmas, eBay has updated its iPhone app, making it easier than ever to avoid the high streets and pick up cheap second-hand gifts for your loved ones. Several adjustments have been made to the online auction app, including handy improvements to last-minute bidding. SMS sharing is a new feature, which allows you to share item listings with your friends and relatives.

NaturalMotion’s My Horse simulation game downloaded over 5 million times on iOS

NaturalMotion Games has announced that its freemium sim My Horse has been downloaded on iOS over 5 million times, and that it attracts 500,000 daily active users. NaturalMotion’s titles have amassed more than 12 million downloads in total to date, and several of its releases have been greeted with critical acclaim. For evidence, just look at the impressive Qi scores of NFL Rivals and Backbreaker Football.

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Notable changes to the Quality Index charts

Breathing new life into the groaning corpse of the zombie shooter genre comes Extraction: Project Outbreak, which draws its inspiration from top-down mouse-driven classics like Cannon Fodder and Syndicate.

Cast as a private military contractor, you have to to wipe out the growing hordes of undead soldiers that populate the exclusion zone.

As you blast your way though the story-driven campaign, you will unlock a devastating arsenal of military weapons, allowing you to annihilate your festering foes in an increasingly impressive hail of hot lead.

The fun really starts when you push deeper into the game: later additions like combat drones and helicopters make combat enjoyably versatile and disgustingly visceral in equal measure.

Generating a powerful current of positively charged feedback upon its release, meanwhile, is Act of Fury: Kraine's Revenge, Forge Reply's magnetic take on the bullet-hell shooter genre.

Kraine is a lab experiment with a grudge, who has decided to use his new-found electromagnetic superpowers to exact brutal revenge on the men who created him.

Act of Fury: Kaine's Revenge features a variety of environments, offers up a shocking selection of elemental upgrades, and delivers nine levels of unique touchscreen action to keep you raging though the night.

With 148Apps marking Act of Fury: Kraine's Revenge with a "severe fun warning", this is one environmental disaster that will actually increase your quality of life.

That's what I call a stamp of approval.

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iQi Weekly Round-Up image #1
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