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5th November 2011

Racer Riptide GP now thrashing around water-filled courses for £1.99 / $2.99

Wave Race-esque racer Riptide GP splashed into the App Store just last week, but it's already managed to unearth a nifty shortcut and speed straight into a sale. The game allows you to jump on the back of one of six high-powered jet skis and compete with other racers through futuristic cities, strange research facilities, and twisting canals. You can grab Riptide GP from the App Store for just £1.99 for a limited time.

Strategy title King of Dragon Pass celebrates birthday with new £3.99 price point

Developer A Sharp is celebrating the 12th birthday of King of Dragon Pass by slashing its price, meaning you can now pick up the strategy title for the reduced cost of £3.99. If you're unfamiliar with the game, it's a complex menu-based title set in the fictional world of Glorantha. King of Dragon Pass shot up the Qi charts back in early October off the back of some sublime reviews. This is a limited-time sale, so head on over to the App Store if you want to nab it on the cheap.

Monochrome puzzler Contre Jour gets updated with 20 new levels

In Chillingo's environmental puzzler Contre Jour, you play as a black blob named Petit, who must utilise tentacles, portals, and slingshots to reach the goal. Chillingo has added an all-new chapter (Moonlight) to its popular App Store puzzler, which introduces 20 extra levels to explore. The Universal edition - Contre Jour HD - shot into Qi's Top 10 iPhone games list of August 2011, so shouldn't disappoint anyone who grabs it after the update.

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If you don’t already know, Qi trawls the print and online media for game and app reviews from respected sources like Macworld, TiPb, 148Apps, and GameSpot. A unique Qi formula is then applied to each site and publication to establish a definitive Qi score for the app or game. Top 5 recommendation lists, news round-ups, and regular industry analysis complement the dynamic Qi charts. Qi has its own Twitter feed, too, @qualityindex.

Notable changes to the Quality Index charts

Following in the proud tradition of video game classics Super Mario World, Super Scribblenauts, and Super Street Fighter IV is Super Crossfire, a high-energy shmup whose gameplay and artwork definitely warrant the ‘Super’ prefix.

In Chillingo’s latest retro-futuristic iPhone space shooter - the publisher’s Infinity Field powered onto these pages a mere six weeks ago - aspiring fighter pilots employ tilt, slider, or button controls to weave through enemy ordnance across five distinct chapters.

Rather uniquely for a game in this genre, you can warp your ship to the opposite end of the screen at any stage. According to Tapscape, “this makes for an interesting strategical advantage as if there are too many bullets coming at you from above, you can quickly flip to the top of the screen.”

With more exposure than Lindsay Lohan and greater industry interest than Grand Theft Auto V (in ustwo’s opinion, anyway), semi-psychedelic endless-flyer Whale Trail is well on the way to notching up the 300,000 sales needed for the title to break even.

Press and hold on the iPhone’s 3.5-inch touchscreen to swoop up: release your digit to dive down. And if you’re feeling particularly daring this morning, you can execute a loop-the-loop to evade the attention of the nefarious Baron Von Barry.

In the words of ustwo CHIEF WONKA mills: “We chose a whale since the idea of a huge blubbery mammal flying gracefully through the air seemed so wrong in the real world, yet so wonderfully right in the virtual world.”

“We named him Willow in homage to our favourite film of the same name and the general fighting spirit the lead character emits whilst in battle.”

A spin-off from Steven Spielberg’s motion-captured 3D film starring Jamie Bell and Simon Pegg, Gameloft’s The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn - The Game thrillingly marries swordplay with puzzle solving.

The diligent titular newshound can’t uncover the mystery of the Unicorn alone, though, in this high Qi scoring tale, so must rely on his canine companion Snowy and human helpmate Captain Haddock throughout this epic adventure.

Belgian chocolate, anyone?

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iQi Weekly Round-Up image #1
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