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18th December 2010

Galaxy on Fire 2 takes off again after combat tweaks

Fishlabs’s epic space shooter Galaxy on Fire 2 stars the dimension-straddling mercenary Keith T. Maxwell, as he aims to restore peace to a war torn galaxy. Travelling to over 20 inhabited solar systems and 100 space stations to mine, trade, and battle is enough to tire even the most dedicated of fighter pilots, so it’s fortunate that Keith can pause for an update. In this Game Center supporting feast of alien zapping action, you can now swipe onscreen to evade incoming attacks.

Real Racing 2 sprints into pole position on iPhone

Cutting edge visuals push the iPhone 4’s Retina display to the limit in Real Racing 2, as you career around 15 beautifully rendered circuits. Time trials, head-to-head tussles, elimination matches, championships, and more await all budding Sebastian Vettels, with the promise of over ten hours of burning rubber gameplay. Get behind the wheel of 30 officially licensed motors and go rev-for-rev against 15 other boy racers online.

Smurfs' Village on iPhone gets early Xmas present

In Smurfs’ Village, the sworn enemy of the Smurfs Gargamel has finally discovered the location of their home and scattered the Smurfberry munching clan throughout the forest. So, it’s left to you to construct a new village and ensure the survival of the lovely Smurfette & co. Completing fun mini-games and purchasing Smurfberries via in-app payments speed up the building process, and thanks to the latest update, you can connect with friends on both Facebook and Game Center.

LEGO Harry Potter receives a bewitching update

Based on the formative experiences of the adolescent spell binder, LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 invites players to visit iconic locations such as The Forbidden Forest, solving puzzles and mixing potions on the fly. Courtesy of the wizards over at Warner Bros, the game has been magically updated, with version 1.1 of the bespectacled sorcerer’s iPhone adventure deploying a virtual, non-intrusive D-pad for movement.

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Notable changes to the Quality Index charts

Infinity Blade was without question the most keenly anticipated iPhone title of 2010, and a week after striking its first blow in anger, it’s apparent that the hype machine surrounding ChAIR’s epic tale was fully justified.

Despite a multitude of glowing reviews for the spellbinding Infinity Blade, though, its vengeance-seeking swordsman just couldn’t keep up with a high speed Qi competitor over the last seven -ahem - knights.

Whizzing around the App Store corner and into pole position on the Qi charts this week zooms Firemint’s long awaited follow-up to the universally acclaimed Real Racing.

Four first place awards from iPhone games critics have ensured an almost perfect Qi start to Real Racing 2’s career. Speaking of which, the developer guarantees over ten hours of gameplay across time trials, eliminations, and championships for all would-be Webbers.

While staying ahead of the pack on Qi’s leaderboard won’t be easy, Pocket Gamer didn’t find it difficult to identify Real Racing 2’s strengths: “from damaging modelling to performance tuning to online multiplayer...the result is a sophisticated, fun racer.”

Another hotly tipped sequel in the sci-fi shooting shape of N.O.V.A. 2 has secured a Top 3 position on the Qi recent releases chart, its vast range of weaponry annihilating both the Volterite opposition and most of its App Store rivals.

In Gameloft’s successor to the fabulously received N.O.V.A. campaign, you can take advantage of the iPhone 4’s gyroscope motion sensor, as you engage in a bloody civil war on behalf of the Human-Alien Alliance.

And according to IGN, “everything has been improved, from the inclusion of the monster mechs to the 10-player online matches that work without hiccups.”

Now, where DID Qi put that stun gun?

iQi Weekly Round-Up image #1
iQi Weekly Round-Up image #1
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