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Top 5 iPhone Games for Call of Duty Fans

Best militaristic shooters on iPhone

The Call of Duty series has grown to become one of the biggest console gaming franchises ever, combining blockbuster single player campaigns with an absorbingly intense online multiplayer element.

Fans of the series may feel themselves anxious for their next premium first-person shooter hit whilst out and about. Fortunately, there are plenty of iPhone games that have borrowed liberally from the Call of Duty handbook.

Here are the Top 5 iPhone games for Call of Duty fans.

Lock and load.

Gameloft's CoDier-than-CoD first-person shooter series returns for a fifth slice of gung-ho action, and it's slicker than ever. Modern Combat 5 involves running around gorgeous environments popping identikit bad guys with an array of ballistic weapons, and it also squeezes in an impressive multiplayer mode.
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Of course, many people play Call of Duty exclusively for its multiplayer mode, and the developer of Trigger Fist recognises this. Whilst it's technically a third person shooter, the tight pacing and layout of these player-on-player arenas are pure CoD - but with a better sense of humour.
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The first game on this list to come with the official Call of Duty name is based upon the lighthearted Zombies offshoot mode, which sees you repelling waves of the undead for as long as possible. It's a format that's well suited to mobile.
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The second and more recent Call of Duty game on this list is a curious beast, combining the expected first-person action with a surprisingly tactical squad-based strategy element. Not all CoD fans will appreciate its charms, but those who want something a little more thoughtful should lap it up.
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Glu clearly recognises that Call of Duty is essentially a shooting gallery - you're simply given the illusion of freedom by being allowed to move about. Frontline Commando 2 borrows CoD's militaristic aesthetic and remoulds it into a moreish pick-up-and-play experience.
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