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Some games seem to be obsessed with only one thing. A single theme or motif that the developer can't seem to get out of its head.

It's surprising how many games use simple circles as their main ingredient. Is there something that makes manipulating a bunch of round things more satisfying than doing the same with a bunch of square things?

We at Qi can't help you with that one. What we can do is tell you the Top 5 circular games on iPhone.

Make sure you get a-round to each of them. We're afraid that won't be the last circle pun, either.

The name of the game might be numerical in nature, but Hundreds is full of circles. You have to touch each circle until the number in the circle gets down to zero, but there must be no contact with other circles whilst doing so. Intriguing, starkly beautiful, and ever so round.
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An extremely tactile game of circles, Eliss Infinity sees you combining multiple coloured circles, testing your powers of observation and multitasking to the limit. It's also got a lovely electronica soundtrack.
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This sequel to the hit Dots is even more obsessed with circles than the original. Not only does it have more dot-linking gameplay, this time applied to a more structured ruleset, it also contains a little story about two sentient dots. Which are, of course, tiny circles. Just in case you missed the link.
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CiRCA6 wears its circle obsession on its round sleeve. You take control of a little blue circle in a field full of larger circles. When you move, you're propelled by a stream of little circles, which also act as circular bullets. These must be used against aggressive attacking circles. Circles circles circles.
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This harder-than-hardcore game cleverly summarises its looks and gameplay with its title. oO sees you switching between the orbits of linked circles at speed, requiring a deft touch and razer-sharp reactions. This one'll send you round the bend.
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