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Top 5 Point-And-Click Adventures on iPhone

Best iPhone point-and-click adventures games

In the current gaming landscape of 3D visuals, particle physics, and endless explosions, there hasn't been much room for the humble point-and-click adventure to flourish.

Interest in the genre is far from dead, however, as point-and-click guru Tim Schafer's current Kickstarter balance ably demonstrates.

To prove further still that the genre is alive and clicking (or should that be 'tapping'?), we've compiled a list of the best point-and-click adventures available for the iPhone.

While home consoles have become a haven for first-person shooters, the iPhone has proved to be the perfect sanctuary for classic point-and-click games: the device's gorgeous high-resolution touchscreen offers the ideal interface for these old skool adventures.

Combine 'eyeballs' with 'computer screen' to uncover our Top 5. Or just read on, really.

This idiosyncratic offering made waves among the critical community when it arrived on the App Store last year. Its intoxicating blend of exquisite pixel-art graphics, clever puzzles, and a knockout soundtrack made this one of the most impressive iOS games of 2011. Funny, imaginative, and genuinely transcendental, Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP Micro invites you to explore a world you may never want to leave.
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This iOS reworking of Broken Sword is a thing of beauty. Revolution expertly updated this intriguing tale of murder and mystery, adding intelligent, intuitive touch controls to bring the adventure to life on iPhone. The result is one of the best ports available on the App Store, and a reminder to all game developers to remember the importance of spinning a good yarn.
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Is there anything that hasn't already been said about this landmark in gaming history? LucasArts's tale of hapless pirate Guybrush Threepwood is the stuff of legend, a story that is destined to be retold for decades to come. If you've never played this perfectly scripted slice of swashbucking entertainment, then you're doing yourself - and your iPhone - a great disservice. Get it. Play it. Treasure it.
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Another genre-defining entry from Revolution, Beneath a Steel Sky: Remastered brings the original game's cyberpunk stylings and razor-sharp writing to the touchscreen generation. It may have been 15 years since we first found ourselves scouring a post-apocalyptic Australia in search of our missing robot, but there's more than enough ingenuity here to keep us going till the real apocalypse arrives.
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Despite a few control niggles, iPhSoft's reworking of this sardonic lampooning of point-and-click conventions serves up enough puzzles, knowing winks, and comedic asides to keep you waving your wand until the end. Not as consistently impressive as its peers, but an entertaining celebration of the genre, nonetheless.
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