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Timetable - TT Assistant

Timetable - TT Assistant

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Flexible timetable App and daily assistant for teachers and students. Supports all kinds of timetables (weekly, rotating, hybrid), understands holidays and special rules.

No subscription. We don't like subscriptions. 100% yours forever with any upcoming updates.


- Flexible timetable assistant: It supports all kinds of timetables on all kinds of days.
- Weekly timetables (Based on the days of the week)
- Rotating timetables (Based on cycles on x days, Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, etc.)
- Hybrid timetables (Based on a rotating timetable with some special days and rules). Fully configurable

- Daily view: See what you have today as soon as you open it. Get notifications on time or in advance and never be late or in the wrong room before.

- Notifications: On-time or preponed notifications for your classes, duties and meetings on your phone and Apple watch devices.

- Annual view for any type of timetables (including rotating and hybrid) so that you can plan your academic life easily in advance (or your holidays).

- Manage your holidays easily and with a friendly interface to ensure notifications happen on time.

- Enable / disable notifications.

- Receive tricks and tips as you use the app.

Youtube tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2F0ot701inytreJpvpP-Vw

Planned updates (not in any particular order):
* Videocall platforms link integration with the tt blocks.
* Editing of existing blocks and rules.
* Exams and particular single-day events tracking and remainders.

We love feedback, if you want to tell us something about how we can improve our product, please don't hesitate to contact us.

NOTE: Due to iOS policies, you will not get next day updated notifications if the App is closed forcefully by hand. Since we do not use a network server, you should leave the App opened in the background (it will not consume battery) or open it manually first time in the morning.
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Genre(s): Productivity, Education
Filesize: 10MB
Age rating: 4+
App version: 1.1.1
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06 Aug 2020
Version: 1.1.1
05 Aug 2020
01 Sep 2020
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