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“Cookbookie allows you to search the indexes of your own cookbook collection!"

Step 1. Load a virtual bookshelf with cookbook titles that you own. **PLEASE VISIT http://cookbookieapp.com/featured-cookbooks TO SEE THE BOOKS WE HAVE INDEXED PRIOR TO PURCHASING THE APP.** We don't want you to be disappointed if a specific book's index you're looking for isn't in Cookbookie.
Step 2. Search your own cookbook's indexes to find recipes. **COOKBOOKIE DOES NOT CONTAIN RECIPES. ONLY INDEXES OF COOKBOOKS. IF YOU DO NOT OWN THESE COOKBOOKS (see http://cookbookieapp.com/featured-cookbooks), THIS APP WON'T BE USEFUL TO YOU (Sorry).**

Cookbookie makes it possible to search your own collection of books the way you search the internet. Cook from the chefs and authors that you know and love instead of untrusted recipes on the internet.

You have thousands of dollars invested in your cookbooks so use them more often!! We've stored 100,000s of recipe indexes entries of the most popular cookbooks in our database for you to search and find at the click of a button!

Books included in the app are listed here: http://cookbookieapp.com/featured-cookbooks

Do you default to the internet to look for a new vinaigrette because it takes too long to find it in your cookbook’s indexes? Or you’re not sure which cookbook to even look in?

Have you ever wanted to quickly cross-reference your favourite chef’s techniques on making sauce Béarnaise but don’t have a tool to quickly find the recipe?

With Cookbookie, there is no more paging through 100's of your cookbook indexes to find the recipe you're looking for!

If your cookbooks aren't in our database yet, SEND US AN EMAIL and we'll do our best to ADD THE INDEX OF YOUR COOKBOOKS!

Cookbookie comes fully equipped with the following features:

•Recipe searching: Searching for “+beef pasta -parsley” will bring back all recipes that have beef, optionally pasta and no parsley in the title.
•Ask a foodie: Take a picture of unknown foods and ingredients and Cookbookie will use its special network to identify what it is.
•Socialize your kitchen: Use Cookbookie to post your favourite recipes to Facebook and Twitter. Just watch that all your friends don't show up at your house asking for meals that have sugar, bacon, chocolate but no broccoli.
•Recipe Diary: Keep track of your favourite recipes and keep notes about modifications to each recipe.
•Great support: Can't find your favourite book? No problem, Cookbookie helps you out by setting up an email to our team so we can get it in there right away!
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Genre(s): Books, Reference
Filesize: 17MB
Age rating: 4+
App version: 1.2
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