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Summer Story End of Service (11/27)
We are sad to announce that November 27 will mark the end of service for Summer Story.

It will be possible to continue playing the game on iOS versions 7.1.2 and earlier. Please note, however, that updating to a more recent version will cause portions of the game's voices to not work as intended.

Also, because Summer Story will no longer be available for download after November 28, players are asked to exercise caution when removing the game from their devices, and to please back up their game data to iCloud.

We hope you continue to enjoy playing Summer Story.

* SUMMER STORY is an English educational app designed for native Japanese speakers learning English.

SUMMER STORY is the first title from the “Learning Practical English Conversation By Real Situation Dialogue” series.

You were asked to look after three female exchange students…
The story expands as you prolong the conversation with the girls.

Starting from their self-introductions, the girls then pivot the conversation to their hobbies and likings, and decide to share with you their intimate worries to deepen the bonds of friendship.

This is a light adventure-type game, and offers various events according to some conditions.
SUMMER STORY contains the following educational perspectives to strengthen the functional English proficiency of users.

1. Learn “speaking” and “listening” simultaneously.
All phrases are conversational.
Genuine English language communicative aptitude cannot be derived from an isolated emphasis on speaking or listening alone. Speech recognition feature enables speech training and leads to a quick response in actual English conversation.

2. Learn with “scenes.”
An expression has different meanings according to particular “scenes,” such as relationships, locations, and last interactions.
Learning through contextual stories fosters confidence when practicing in real-life situations.

3. Learn patterned expressions as a whole.
In real conversation scenes, there is no time to work on English composition in your mind.
It is more important to give one quick and comprehensible response than to know many ways to say the same thing.
Learning more expressions that elicit Pavlovian responses improves communication in English.

* The English texts are produced by NHK Educational Corporation.

▼Key Factors
SUMMER STORY has various “key” factors including the following:

- Three exchange students from the US, England, and Australia teach you different accents and cultures.
- To offer a replaying element, the app provides “Native Mode.” The story progresses faster by rote learning the expressions, which invokes some special events.
- This game contains minimum English grammar explanations, and provides more colloquial word combinations. However, the app offers a dictionary function for some higher-level English words and expressions.
- To enhance the learning process, even in circumstances that are difficult to articulate, the app provides two modes: speaking and listening.

▼Devices Supported
○iPhone(3G, 3GS, iPhone4), iPad, iPod touch(4th)
△iPod touch(2nd, 3rd) ※
×iPhone(1st), iPod touch(1st)
※To play SUMMER STORY using an iPod touch with no built-in microphone, a separate microphone is required. Operability with Apple manufactured mic-enabled headphone has been confirmed, however, using the devices marked with ○ is recommended.
SUMMER STORY screenshot #1
SUMMER STORY screenshot #2
SUMMER STORY screenshot #3
SUMMER STORY screenshot #4
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Publisher: SQUARE ENIX
Formats(s): iPadFourthGen4G, iPhone5s, iPad2Wifi, iPadThirdGen4G, iPadWifi, iPhone4S, iPodTouchourthGen, iPhone5c, iPhone-3G, iPad3G, iPhone-3GS, iPadMini4G, iPadThirdGen, iPad23G, iPodTouchFifthGen, iPod-touch-with-mic, iPadFourthGen, iPhone5, iPhone, iPodTouchThirdGen, iPadMini, i
Genre(s): Education, Games, Adventure
Filesize: 94MB
Age rating: 4+
App version: 1.0.1
04 Jun 2014
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