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iReader - The Count of Monte Cristo

iReader - The Count of Monte Cristo

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We live in a digital world. Isn't time that your favorite classics were updated as well? We thought so...

Now with the click of a button you can lose yourself in Alexandre Dumas's classic novel The Count of Monte Cristo, without the struggle of having to carry around a weighty paperback. The chapter index will help you keep your place, and the font adjustments will make your old favorites jump off the page like never before.

Ever have trouble reading in the dark? Never again with the night vision feature. Simply click it on and you are ready for hours of evening reading that doesn't strain the eyes!

Expand your library without adding a new shelf, get yours today!

• View chapter by chapter for fastest searching.
• Change font size and color at the click of a button.
• Adjust background color for easy reading.
• Night vision feature to help stop the strain of reading at night.

• Lowest price ever!
• Easy direct link to all the iReaders you will ever need.
• Most complete line of books in the store.

Another great application brought to you by Arctic Gerbil. All rights reserved 2009.

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Quality Index
2 reviews
Publisher: Brighthouse Labs
Formats(s): all
Genre(s): Books, Reference
Filesize: 1MB
Age rating: 4+
App version: 1.0
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16 Oct 2019
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