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iGuides - Home Improvements for Less

iGuides - Home Improvements for Less

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In today’s uncertain financial times everyone is looking to save in any way they can. Home improvements are no exception. The good news is that there are many effective ways to improve your home without breaking the bank.
From adding a deck to remodelling the bathroom, this all-in-one guide for your home is a must see for anyone thinking about home improvements. Don’t spend more than you need on these upgrades. Learn about Accessorizing your home, and even closet organization. Make the most of this season. Get yours today!

Haven't you always wanted to know about home improvements? Learning about improving your home for less has never been so easy with the newest line of applications from Arctic Gerbil!

With so many mysteries in this world, we all need a guide sometimes. Understanding the world around you is the only sure way to get the most out of it. Don't get caught with less information than you need! Download the iGuides - Home Improvements for Less application today and get in the know!

• Great Introductions that help you understand the "big picture".
• View chapter by chapter for fastest searching.
• Step by step, easy to follow instructions.
• Skip through chapters while reading with next and previous buttons.

• Lowest price ever!
• Easy direct link to all the iGuides you will ever need.
• Most complete source for information.

Another great application brought to you by Arctic Gerbil Creations. All rights reserved 2009.

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Publisher: Brighthouse Labs
Formats(s): all
Genre(s): Education, Reference
Filesize: 337KB
Age rating: 4+
App version: 1.0
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17 Sep 2019
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