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CrushFactor is a great excuse to touch someone & the easiest way to get their digits (this assumes you're not Brad Pitt. Brad doesn't need any excuses to touch people. If this is Brad Pitt: "hiya! LUVED ur work in Thelma & Louise! xo").


*** DOING GOOD: 10% of the proceeds go to enabling 400 Ethiopian children access to sanitation & clean water. See: http://hq.robotsandpencils.com/news/#release-waterdrop for more details.


* Has over 100 different moves! From kisses to piggybacks.

* Much better than 7 minutes of heaven. Most of the time, nothing happens in the closet. Something *ALWAYS* happens with CrushFactor.

* It isn't embarrassing. Unlike some of the other love, flirting, & calc apps, CrushFactor is a game. U pick moves (over 100) and score simultaneous multiple goals by getting the heart candy to the paperclip.

* Works with ur facebook account. Publish all ur monkey business & become the talk of the town!

* Beautiful hand drawn graphics in the Robots and Pencils signature "notebook" art style.

* Show how cultured u r. It's full of fun musics, sounds, and fancy sayings like "konichiwa". One day you'll leave that small town and show them all!

* U can even ask for someone's phone number! Lame? Well, u can change the lucky question. Personally, we like PJ PARTIES the best!

*** WARNING: People have feelings and are not just meat. Just because CrushFactor makes it *WAY* easier to get 1st kisses, ask people out on dates, go to movies, etc please don't abuse this power. With great power comes great responsibility.


Dear Young People,

Please don't buy CrushFactor. It is best to wait until marriage until you even consider touching a person of the opposite sex. Even though we want you to support our childrens entrepreneurial endeavors, we're already deeply concerned about the declining state of humanity and wish not to support it further.

- The Moms

p.s. Floss your teeth, turn off your iPhone and go to bed!

*** BONUS: Perfect for SPRING FEVER! Dr. Science says "4 out of 5 people are more attractive in the spring time".

* Robots and Pencils is a new company, anything you could do spread the word would be great!

* We'd love if you could comment and rate our game. Remember to choose your star rating as it defaults to 1!

* Follow Robots and Pencils on Twitter: http://twitter.com/robotsNpencils (once we hit 1000 followers, super surprise contest time!)
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Formats(s): all
Genre(s): Entertainment, Games
Filesize: 8MB
Age rating: 12+
App version: 1.0
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16 Oct 2019
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