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Only the best sites feature on the Quality Index - does yours deserve to join them?

Ultimately, the Quality Index wouldn't be anything without our partner sites, whose reviews we feed into the ravenous code machine in order to create those ultimate scores.

As you'd expect, we're pretty selective about the company we keep to ensure that the Qi scores can offer a truly reliable and definitive representation of top critical opinion. Without wishing to ramp up our own importance, we definitely see inclusion here as a privilege, not a right.

We've already done our initial scouring to select what we believe to be the best critical opinions on offer, but even our digital tendrils only reach so far into the wired world. So, if you think your site deserves to be featured, then view the instructions below and get in touch using the form provided.

While we evaluate all sites based on merit, you can speed up the inclusion process by doing the following:

1. Link back to us using the graphic below

2. Create an XML document that carries all your latest reviews and offers the following data
- Title
- Article link
- Date of review
- Score
- Format
- App Store ID

3. Fill in the form below with the link to that file

We've put together a simple PHP file that contains the required fields. If you use PHP on your site, feel free to download the file and use it to get started.

To view a list of the sites that currently feed into the Quality Index database, click here.


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GET LISTED! Only the best sites feature on the Quality Index - does yours deserve to join them?
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