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Zombie Farm cultivates 11 million downloads on iPhone

6,800 years of game time

One year on from harvesting on the App Store, Zombie Farm has cultivated over 11 million downloads using a similar business approach to Get Set Games’s Mega Jump.

Playforge’s freemium farming title has rewarded customers with a veritable feast of updates and fresh gameplay, and that commitment to extra content has resulted in above-average ‘stickiness’ levels.

According to analytics house Flurry, Zombie Farm has proven to be twice as addictive as the industry norm, with players logging in 3.6 times per day compared to the 1.8 benchmark.

Clearly striking a chord with the undead agricultural enthusiasts, Zombie Farm has retained 40 percent of its players over the last month, which again compares favourably to the iPhone gaming standard.

And to further illustrate the point - perhaps in a more easily digestible fashion - a whopping 6,800 years of game time have been racked up in Zombie Farm since February 2010.

 "We are fortunate to have a dedicated fan base who is excited to see new content, and continue to love the game update after update,” says Vince McDowell, founder of The Playforge.

“Our players are fundamentally different than users who pick up a game, play it for a few minutes or even a week, but rarely launch the game again once they've lost interest.”

Zombie Farm is available for free from Apple’s digital barn - sorry, shop.

View the Zombie Farm video below...

Zombie Farm cultivates 11 million downloads on iPhone image #1
Zombie Farm cultivates 11 million downloads on iPhone image #1
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