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Chopper 2 descends in price on iPhone

Update includes Game Center and Mac support

Majic Jingle Software’s highly rated Chopper 2 barrel rolled onto Qi’s Top 5 modern warfare rundown in October, its wings clipped only by Modern Combat 2 and MiniSquadron.

The side-scrolling sequel gunned down the original from almost every conceivable angle, packing in 36 fresh helicopter hovering missions amid a deliciously drawn, re-engineered 3D gaming environment.

To celebrate the release of Chopper 2 on the Mac App Store (which is NOT to be confused with the iPhone App Store), the iOS version has been updated and discounted.

Newly integrated Game Center leaderboards expand your competitive horizons and permit you to sync your campaign progress across devices...so long as you own an iPad, too, of course.

And on the subject of Apple hardware, Mac users who fly out and buy Chopper 2 on their Snow Leopard growling machines tomorrow can take control of the whirlybird action via a wi-fi connected iPhone or iPod touch.

Gyroscope support improves your chances of destroying enemy tanks and evading less-than-friendly fire across the Desert, Snow, Forest, and City.

In Pocket Gamer’s opinion, “variety is another of the game's strengths. From picking up civilians and dropping off computer specialists to defending bases, completing speed runs, and just generally blowing thing up, you're sure to never go bored.”

Tap and tilt over to the App Store now and download Chopper 2 for 59p / 99c / €0.79.

View the Chopper 2 video below...

Chopper 2 descends in price on iPhone  image #1
Chopper 2 descends in price on iPhone  image #1
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