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us Modojo 24 May 2010 8.0 Read the review
gb Games Uncovered 21 Apr 2010 8.0 Read the review
us AppSpy 14 Apr 2010 7.6 Read the review
us App Store Review 01 Jan 2017 7.0
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gb Pocket Gamer 27 Apr 2010 7.0 Read the review
fr Pockett 24 Jun 2010 4.0 Read the review
**N.Y.Zombies 2 now available! Better graphics, free-roam movement, co-op 3 player multi-player, and more!**

There are now nearly 2 million people addicted to N.Y.Zombies! Thank you to everyone enjoying the game!!

New York City is in ruins, the streets are filled with zombies, and it's up to you to fight your way out and find safety. Blow away zombies with an incredible arsenal of weaponry in a stunning variety of locations including the streets of New York City, underground subways, abandoned highways, rural farmlands, broken down suburbs, mountain caves, and more! Or, try your hand at endless mode, and see how long you can survive -- make sure to submit your score to the global online leader board!

How to Play

- Drag your finger across the screen to look up, down, and 360 degrees around you
- Tap zombies and other incoming creatures to shoot them
- Save survivors
- Switch between up to 6 equipped weapons and abilities (make sure to use the right weapon at the right time!)
- Earn money to buy and upgrade new weapons and abilities after each level
- Blow away zombies and have fun!


- Unique mix of casual, yet strategic game play - this is not just a mindless shooter!
- 2 game play modes: story and endless
- In-depth story line
- Global online leader board
- Over 20 completely different, dynamic levels; fight in places you've never experienced in an iPhone game - the inside of a subway car, cornfields, Central Park, rooftops and more!
- In your face action: fight dozens of zombies at once coming at you from every direction
- Over 20 upgradable weapons and abilities including mini gun, shotgun, sniper rifle, proximity mines, medpacks, machete, chainsaw, and more!
- 11 different enemy types, from giant zombies standing over 10 feet tall, to lumbering fat zombies, to cop zombies, and tumor zombies
- Over 20 achievements, each with its own highly detailed trophy
- Hours of game play and tons of re-playability!

To watch a game play trailer and check out more screen shots, visit http://www.foursakenmedia.com/#/work/nyz

Also be sure to check out our newest game, Bug Heroes!



Follow us on twitter @FoursakenMedia
N.Y.Zombies screenshot #1
N.Y.Zombies screenshot #2
N.Y.Zombies screenshot #3
N.Y.Zombies screenshot #4
N.Y.Zombies screenshot #5

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Quality Index
Publisher: Foursaken Media
Formats(s): iPhone-3GS, iPadWifi, iPad3G, iPodTouchThirdGen, iPhone4, iPodTouchFourthGen, iPad2Wifi, iPad23G, iPhone4S, iPadThirdGen, iPadThirdGen4G, iPhone5, iPodTouchFifthGen, iPadFourthGen, iPadFourthGen4G, iPadMini, iPadMini4G, iPhone5c, iPhone5s, iPhone6, iPhone6Plus, iPodTouch
Genre(s): Games, Action, Entertainment, Adventure
Filesize: 87MB
Age rating: 17+
App version: 1.4.5
N.Y.Zombies image #1
30 Sep 2014
Version: 1.4.5
21 Feb 2014
Version: 1.4.4
17 Feb 2014
Version: 1.4.3
26 Oct 2012
$0.00 to $0.99
20 Oct 2012
$0.99 to $0.00
18 Oct 2012
Version: 1.4.2
01 Sep 2011
Version: 1.4.1
15 Apr 2011
Version: 1.4
07 Jan 2011
Version: 1.3.2
03 Nov 2010
Version: 1.3.1
22 Oct 2010
$0.00 to $0.99
20 Oct 2010
Version: 1.3
15 Oct 2010
$0.99 to $0.00
17 Jul 2010
Version: 1.2.2
09 Jul 2010
Version: 1.2.1
01 Jul 2010
Version: 1.2
14 Jun 2010
$0.00 to $0.99
09 Jun 2010
$1.99 to $0.00
29 May 2010
$0.99 to $1.99
13 May 2010
$2.99 to $0.99
13 May 2010
Version: 1.1
22 Apr 2010
Version: 1.0.1
19 Apr 2010
$1.99 to $2.99
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