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Do You Have What It Takes To Control North Shore High?

Defiant divas and social misfits beware! Inspired by Paramount Pictures' film "Mean Girls," you take on the role of a new student who must decide if naughty or nice will rule North Shore High by fighting opposing high school cliques in Match 3 battles.

Players can achieve perfect social harmony or completely control the cliques of North Shore High - their choices will determine how far they rise up the social ladder.

Battle Your Way to Queen Bee Status: Go head-to-head with characters from the "Mean Girls" film. Match heartbreak icons to bully them into doing your bidding or match special heart icons to make a new BFF. The battle ends when you've depleted their Stamina or filled their Loyalty meters. More than 20 levels included.

Not Looking For Friends, Only Showdowns? In addition to Story mode, Mean Girls offers a quick play Versus mode. You'll be in a Match 3 battle faster than a three-way calling attack!

Are You A Mean Girl Or Just Pretending To Be One? Personalize your battle stats for Charisma, Intelligence, Endurance, Luck and Strength to determine just how nasty - or nice - you want to be.

Unlockable Skills Are So Fetch! Win showdowns to gain experience and unlock 20 unique skills such as Whiplash, Charity and Change of Heart to customize how many friends or frenemies you make.

Choose Your Lunch Table: Select one of four different character types: Slacker, Nerd, Rebel or Art Freak.

Will Girl World Be At Peace? The outcome of the game depends on your choices - listen to Janis and Damian to achieve perfect social harmony or follow Regina and the Plastics for complete domination of North Shore High.

And don't forget to visit the iTunes Mean Girls movie page and add this timeless classic to your iTunes movie library.
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Formats(s): all
Genre(s): Games, Adventure, Puzzle
Filesize: 27MB
Age rating: 4+
App version: 1.0
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