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Red Bull Billy Cart Grand Prix FREE

Red Bull Billy Cart Grand Prix FREE

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A challenge for leaders and thinkers alike. Slip into your zany outfit and compete against the wildest teams in your home-made soapbox. Just make sure that your crazy construction doesn’t break into tiny pieces during the rapid descent - the road to fame and glory takes you over some of the steepest and most dangerous stretches of track in the world. It’s not only about setting a new speed record. You’ll also need to impress the judges with your creativity and wow the cheering spectators with crazy tricks and breakneck jumps. Only then will you be transformed from an also-ran to a high-flyer, and make it onto the Red Bull Soapbox Race winner’s podium.

Use this FREE VERSION to prepare for the Red Bull Soapbox Race on September 26th in Los Angeles/USA: From the silver screen to Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles has had a passion for all things automotive from the very beginning. And on September 26, the streets of Downtown Los Angeles will celebrate a new vehicular milestone when Red Bull Soapbox Race screeches into town.

Visit www.redbullsoapboxrace.com for details.

Features of the FULL VERSION:
- A wacky soapbox race
- Comprehensive building kit for creating crazy constructions
- Hilarious dance performance mini-game
- Execute daredevil special moves and trackside repairs
- Crazy special objects litter the track
- 21 tracks across 7 cities with unique teams
- Ghost races to improve your records
- User-friendly controls
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Quality Index
2 reviews
Publisher: Red Bull
Formats(s): all
Genre(s): Games, Racing, Action
Filesize: 21MB
Age rating: 4+
App version: 1.6
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28 Sep 2016

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