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12th May 2012

Photo editor Snapseed receives new filters, Instagram sharing options, and more

Highly Qi rated photo-editing app Snapseed has received an update which adds even more features to its already-packed options list. First off, lovers of monochrome will be delighted to discover a brand-new selection of black and white filters. The Centre Focus option has also been improved, allowing you to tinker with brightness levels, as well as play with blur intensity and coverage.

iOS assassination sim Clear Vision hits the 1 million downloads mark after 2 months

Stickman assassination sim Clear Vision has found its mark with the iOS audience, racking up a hugely impressive 1 million sales on the App Store since going live in mid-February. The mission-based shooter began life on PC as a simple Flash game, but gained notoriety among the Apple crown when it was ported to iDevices two and a half months ago.

Saturday Morning RPG benefits from enemy balancing, control tweaks, and more

Nostalgia-fuelled iOS title Saturday Morning RPG has just received a hefty update, bringing a host of new features and fixes to this colourful episodic adventure. First off, Joystick Labs has addressed some balancing issues and made some enemies a little easier to dispatch. The control system has been tweaked, too, giving players the option to fix the floating joystick in place, instead of having it track your thumb around the screen as before.

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Noteworthy changes to the iPhone Quality Index charts

Pounding its way onto the iPhone Qi Top 10 this week is retro arcade beat-'em-up The King of Fighters-i 2012.

The latest entry in the much-loved fighting franchise expands on its predecessor in two critical departments.

Firstly, the character roster has swelled from 14 combatants to an incredibly generous 32, leaving long-time fans truly spoilt for choice.

Secondly, you can now do battle across the interwebs, thanks to wi-fi multiplayer support. Beat up your buddies over Game Center, or try out the ranking matches if you fancy some anonymous virtual violence.

Slide To Play's reviewer was knocked out by The King of Fighters-i 2012, saying it "may very well be the king of iOS fighters".

Slicing up beasties elsewhere in the charts is the charming 2D retro RPG-platformer Spellsword.

Having stumbled across the legendary Spellsword, our nameless protagonist must immediately put it to good use, carving up critters and mauling monsters with glee.

This gently humorous take on the role-playing formula sees developer Everplay adapting the frantic platforming framework of Super Crate Box to include magic, card collection, and equipment upgrade mechanics.

The guys at Gamezebo fell in love with Spellsword's self-aware serving of steel and sorcery, stating: "While Super Crate Box may have invented the formula, Spellsword elevates it to the next level."

That's N-E-X-T L-E-V-E-L.

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