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14th April 2012

Facebook iOS app receives offline chat mode, several bug fixes

Social networkers: lend me your eyes. Facebook has just made a whole list of tweaks and refinements to its widely used iOS app. To kick things off, the developer has adjusted the chat options to allow users to appear offline, letting you remain incognito if you choose. Also, your friends list will now be fully populated with all your digital acquaintances, all of the time. No one, therefore, is kept out of the loop. At all.

Gorgeous space shooter Galaxy on Fire 2: HD receives new credit packs, minor bug fixes

Visually arresting space shooter Galaxy on Fire 2: HD has just received an update that addresses a few issues, and offers added financial flexibility via some new credit packs. The developer of this Qi Top 5 title has been hard at work making minor adjustments and tweaks to sort out a couple of bugs. For example, the Terran NPC lasers are now in alignment, and it is now safe to save to iCloud without fear of the game locking up.

Worms 2: Armageddon receives new leaderboards and achievements via Game Center integration

Players of Worms 2: Armageddon are about to get plugged into Apple's Game Center gaming online service, courtesy of the game's latest iOS update. While the artillery-obsessed invertebrates have been battling over Bluetooth and wi-fi for some time, the only direct outlet for high score gloating was mobile network Plus+. Now, you can lead your wriggly warriors into battle and be sure the world knows of your valiant deeds thanks to the newly added Game Center integration.

Infinity Blade II reduced to £2.99/$4.99, receives ClashMob update

Chair Entertainment has just delivered a powerful double attack on the App Store, slashing the price of its hugely popular hack-'em-up sequel Infinity Blade II, and thrusting a few new social features in for good measure. So, if you haven't already downloaded the sequel to Chair's 2010 RPG-infused action hit, you can now pick it up for £2 / $2 less than the standard £4.99 / $6.99 asking price.

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Notable changes to the iPhone Quality Index charts

Blasting onto this week's iPhone Qi Top 10 is the latest instalment in Kairosoft's mobile management series: Epic Astro Story.

Never afraid to aim high with its portable titles, the developer of Game Dev Story and Grand Prix Story has applied its tried-and-tested strategy formula to the theme of galactic colonisation this time around.

Consisting of two parts resource farming to one part exploration, Epic Astro Story challenges you to build up a thriving city while simultaneously searching the planet for new plots of land to annex.

Unsurprisingly, Kairosoft's newest pound of iPhone crack has proved a critical hit, with Pocket Gamer's reviewer warning that it "sucks up your time like a Dyson fresh off the production line".

Meanwhile, inventive RTS game Amoebattle is successfully waging a microscopic war on its Qi competition.

Doing away with the gunmetal mechs and historical settings we often associate with the genre, Grab Games has opted to put you in charge of a group of tiny alien organisms fighting for survival in a colourful but hostile landscape.

Rather than 'building' troops, you must mutate and replicate your miniature fighting force, allowing you to - literally - divide and conquer.

The folks over at Gamezebo found Amoebattle the perfect antidote to poorly implemented real-time strategy conversions, calling this iPhone original "a true gem of a title".

Diamond geezer.

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iPhone Qi Weekly Round-Up image #1
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