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10th March 2012

Update for iOS brawler Batman Arkham City Lockdown delivers extra level, new skins, and £1.99 / $2.99 price tag

The thug-thwacking Universal app Batman Arkam City Lockdown is all set to rise up the App Store charts once again, thanks to an update that introduces a new level, extra skins, and a significant price reduction. In the brand-new mission, Batman is on the trail of the Joker's malevolent sidekick Harley Quinn. The Dark Knight will have to bust out his Batarangs if he is going to take Harley down - but first he'll have to go fist-to-fist with a whole new level of hired heavies.

Sat nav app Navigon North America en route to Google Street View integration

iOS sat nav app Navigon North America is due to receive an update that will bring Google Street View functionality to this highly Qi rated software. Speaking at the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona last week, the developer behind Navigon revealed its plans to incorporate the Google-powered service into its iOS turn-by-turn navigation app in the near future.

Music-powered iOS shooter Beat Hazard Ultra now available for free

You can now sample the audio-visual delights of iOS space-shooter Beat Hazard Ultra for free. Dreamed up by the folks at Cold Beam Games, this experimental sci-fi title has made a name for itself by combining two things that everyone loves: music and blowing stuff up. If you fancy rocking out in a hail of plasma, you can download the Universal app Beat Hazard Ultra from the App Store for free today.

Apple's iMovie now lets you cut trailers and import GarageBand compositions

Apple's mobile video-editing software iMovie has just received its very own director's cut, gaining a bevvy of extra features and handy control tweaks. Now, you can cut together cinematic trailers for your upcoming feature films in iMovie for iOS, thanks to a new range of easy-to-use templates, graphics, and soundtrack options. If you fancy throwing your own music into the mix, fresh connectivity features mean you can take one of your GarageBand compositions and send it straight to iMovie with just a couple of taps.

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If you don't already know, Qi trawls the print and online media for game and app reviews from respected sources like Macworld, TiPb, 148Apps, and GameSpot. A unique Qi formula is then applied to each site and publication to establish a definitive Qi score for the app or game. Top 5 recommendation lists, news round-ups, and regular industry analysis complement the dynamic Qi charts. Qi has its own Twitter feed, too, @qualityindex.

Notable changes to the Quality Index charts

Taking root at #3 on the Quality Index's chart this week is the scientifically minded gardening puzzler Waking Mars.

An idiosyncratic offering from Tiger Style, this thoughtful sci-fi exploration game tasks you with cultivating your own off-world Eden on the infamous red planet.

Research the life cycles of alien species while gathering and planting seeds, and you'll soon find yourself surrounded by a vibrant, self-sustaining ecosystem.

Pocket Gamer's reviewer gave it two (green) thumbs-up, describing Waking Mars as "captivating, elegant, and fiendishly clever".

Dropping in from a dizzying height at #8, meanwhile, is the Google SEO-unfriendly falling simulator AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! (Force = Mass x Acceleration).

The premise is simple: jump off the top of a building and navigate your way through the floating city to a landing pad below.

As you fall, you can increase your score by flying perilously close to bone-shattering surfaces, and you can grab power-ups and multipliers to boost your rankings.

This tilt-controlled time sink has critics falling off their chairs in glee, with 148Apps labelling it "comical, addictive, and just all-round fun".

Lee Evans, anyone?

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iQi Weekly Round-Up image #1
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