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25th February 2012

Music-powered shooter Beat Hazard Ultra reduced to 69p / 99c

Beat Hazard Ultra, the procedurally generated twin-stick shooter from indie dev Cold Beam Games, has had its price slashed to 69p / 99c. This sonically driven space blaster generates levels from your local MP3 files, allowing you to actually 'play' your favourite songs on your iPhone like never before.

Hugely anticipated Minecraft - Pocket Edition update adds Survival mode

A major update to Minecraft - Pocket Edition has finally delivered the much-anticipated Survival mode to eager iPhone owners. Mojang has also introduced a host of new tools, blocks (fences, gates, etc.), and mobs in this latest update, plus the option to survey your projects from the sky in Creative mode.

iPhone 4S accounts for 29% of UK smartphone sales

Research conducted by Kantar Worldpanel has established that the iPhone 4S accounts for 29 percent of all smartphones sold in the UK. The figures, gathered during a 12-week period ending January 22nd, revealed that 71.4 percent of all handsets sold in the UK were smartphones. Since last year, Apple has grown its share of the UK smartphone market from 21.7 percent to 29.1 percent.

Tiny Invaders downloads increase tenfold since going freemium

Sales of microscopic-puzzler Tiny Invaders, the debut release from iOS dev Hogrocket, have grown tenfold since it switched to the freemium model in January. In an interview with Inside Mobile Apps, Hogrocket's co-founder Peter Collier admitted, "I think if we’d known what we know now, we'd have been freemium from the start and perhaps designed the game so it supported that business model more."

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Notable changes to the Quality Index charts

Building a hill on this week's #2 spot is the insect-centric strategy hit Ant Raid for iPhone.

Prank Ltd has finally marched this microcosmic marvel over to the iPhone - after it had enjoyed a highly successful stint of iPad exclusivity - where it has quickly made an impact of chart-topping proportions.

You must tap the screen to direct your plucky army of ants towards oncoming insect invaders, and keep the encroaching creatures at bay.

With a 60-level Story mode, 40 Challenge levels, and visuals that will have your eyes out on stalks, it's no wonder Ant Raid for iPhone has iOS reviewers positively mesmerised.

Exploding into 8th place on the Qi leaderboard in a shower of plasma, meanwhile, is Dariusburst: Second Prologue, the most recent instalment in the long-running arcade shmup franchise.

Essentially a port of Taito's Dariusbust for PSP, this iPhone adaptation serves up a home console-quality experience, featuring stunning visuals, challenging gameplay, and a scorching soundtrack from house band Zuntata.

If you're already familiar with the original, iPhone-exclusive features like the "remixed" SP Mode and the arcade Assault ship may be sufficient to tempt you back into the cockpit.

PG's reviewer took quite a shine to Dariusburst: Second Prologue, believing it to contain "decades of refinement and a plethora of game modes that'll keep you busy for some time to come".

I concur.

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iQi Weekly Round-Up image #1
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