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Top 10 UK Paid Apps on iPhone

Clear as day

It’s that time of the week again.

No, it’s not the Eastenders omnibus - we’ve got something far more interesting (and considerably less depressing) in store for you today.

You’ve guessed it: it’s time for Qi’s weekly round-up of the Top 10 UK paid-for apps on iPhone.

After being knocked off its pedestal by The Lost City last week, WhatsApp Messenger has babbled its way back to the top spot.

However, extremely orange list-keeping app Clear has leapt straight in at #2, proving once and for all that iPhone owners do use their handsets for purposes beyond flinging birds at pigs.

Having sorted out your shopping list and arranged your diary, Ragdoll Blaster 3 looks like the go-to game if you fancy a bit of cathartic cartoon violence, mind.

Elsewhere, the age-old tussle between Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja continues unabated, with the melon-mangling sim beating out its feathered foe to take 6th position this week.

Meanwhile, The Sun for iPhone has fallen to 9th - more bad news for the beleaguered tabloid.

Can News International's troubled paper recover in more ways than two, and will Rockstar's open-world crime game Grand Theft Auto 3 decide to park legally in the #1 bay next week?

Tune in on Friday to find out.

official Top 10 UK Paid Apps chart (17 February 2012) is looking as follows:

  1. WhatsApp Messenger
  2. Clear
  3. The Lost City
  4. Ragdoll Blaster 3
  5. Lep's World Plus
  6. Fruit Ninja
  7. Angry Birds
  8. Keep Calm and Carry On
  9. The Sun for iPhone
  10. Grand Theft Auto 3
Top 10 UK Paid Apps on iPhone image #1

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