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11th February 2012

Apple generates 75% of mobile phone industry profits with only 9% units sold

Despite accounting for only 9 percent of mobile phone units sold globally, Apple now generates a staggering 75 percent of the entire industry’s profits. Over the past year alone, Apple has seen its profit share grow from 51 percent to 75 percent. This impressive growth can be attributed to the popularity of the iPhone 4 and 4S, and to the company’s decision to partner up with more carriers, including Verizon Wireless and Sprint in the US.

First episode of Law & Order: Legacies series free on iPhone

You can now download Episode 1 of Telltale's Law & Order: Legacies game on iPhone for free. A companion piece to the extremely popular NBC TV series, this point-and-click adventure will have you sweeping crime scenes, conducting interrogations, and badgering witnesses in classic cop show fashion. If you solve the case but want to continue the story, you can purchase the remaining six episodes individually, or together in one crime-infested "Multi-Pack".

Crescent Moon updates Paper Monsters for iPhone with Valentine's Day level pack

Paper Monster's first update is a romantically themed affair, with its publisher Crescent Moon Games adding a Valentine's Day level pack to its cutesy iPhone platformer. Crescent Moon has also made a few tweaks and adjustments of a purely platonic nature to improve the Paper Monsters experience. High scores can now be shared via the updated leaderboard, and the in-game save points now keep track of your score.

Freemium hit Tiny Tower reaches 10 million downloads on iOS

Hugely popular build-'em-up Tiny Tower has just surpassed 10 million downloads on iOS. To celebrate this monumental achievement, NimbleBit's co-founder Ian Marsh announced via Twitter that the team is going to give away 10 million Tower Bux (in-game currency) to Tiny Tower players. We were so taken with Tiny Tower's compulsive gameplay and 8-bit aesthetic that we featured it in our Top 5 pixel-art games on iPhone.

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Notable changes to the Quality Index charts

Setting up fortifications at #2 on this week's Qi chart is the eye-catchingly attractive iPhone tower defence title Elf Defense.

Jellyoasis has dreamt up over 100 beautifully rendered enemies for you to mercilessly mow down with a selection of uniquely equipped combat units.

With a range of items to help bolster your defences, Game Centre support, and tweakable difficulty levels, this cutely titled addition to the App Store should give fans of the genre something to fire off over.

The game is already leaving a lasting impression on the critics, with 148Apps's reviewer confessing to be "absolutely obsessed with Elf Defense".

Spice Invaders, the second - yes, second! - tower defence game in this week's Quality Index round-up, has its eye on your resources.

While Elf Defense pitted elves against humans, Chillingo's sci-fi-oriented offering has you defending a bunch of scavenging space pirates as they pillage Earth for its natural resources.

Thanks to a spec sheet that contains online multiplayer support, some cleverly designed levels, a variety of different modes, and a host of unlockable items, Spice Invaders really stands out from the pack.

Pocket Gamer's reviewer succumbed to Spice Invaders's assault, deeming it "a charming and audacious re-imagining of the tower defense genre".


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iQi Weekly Round-Up image #1
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