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Top 10 UK Paid Apps on iPhone

My Hero

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s the Quality Index’s weekly analysis of the most frequently downloaded paid-for applications on the UK App Store.


But, who IS that hovering around the top end of the iPhone app market in Britain this morning wearing a rather fetching blue, red, and yellow costume?

Yes, in 7th position for the second consecutive week is Superman, DC Comics’s most cherished crime-fighting refugee, orphan, alien, and singleton.

In Chillingo’s official Superman tie-in on Apple’s mobile marvel, you have to save Metropolis - and, by extension, Earth - from a fate worse than death. A.k.a. Lex Luthor.

Everyone’s ‘favourite’ slaphead criminal mastermind is up to his old dastardly tricks again, so charge up your super-strength, super-speed, and heat vision for a series of missions to end all missions.

Three places below Superman on the leaderboard, meanwhile, is W.E.L.D.E.R., a title cut from the same acronymic cloth as Gameloft’s N.O.V.A., yet without any of the guns and gore associated with the latter.

This is primarily because Ayopa Games’s high-flying beauty isn’t a first-person bloodbath. Nope, it’s a word puzzle game. Completely different, you see.

Using a clever combination of multiplier tiles, group swaps, and a sneakily placed dictionary nearby, you must brew up as many phrases as possible in the appropriately named ‘Word Machine’.

That should stretch the cerebrum over Thanksgiving weekend, methinks.

If that doesn’t suffice, test yourself on 2waytraffic’s 2011 edition of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, which has been revamped in line with customer feedback and is on sale for a limited time.

So, alongside the new Switch the Question lifeline, you can expect a sleeker, more responsive experience for your 69p / 99c. Love that? You’ll like this little list, then, eh.

Who will win the iTunes popularity contest over the next seven nights, mind: Amazing Breaker, WhatsApp Messenger, or an as-yet-unknown challenger?

Tune in on Friday to find out.

The official Top 10 UK Paid Apps chart (25 November 2011) is looking as follows:

  1. WhatsApp Messenger
  2. Amazing Breaker
  3. Angry Birds
  4. Hardest Game Ever - 0.02s PRO
  5. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? 2011
  6. FIFA 12
  7. Superman
  8. Fruit Ninja
  9. Camera+
  10. W.E.L.D.E.R.
Top 10 UK Paid Apps on iPhone image #1
Top 10 UK Paid Apps on iPhone image #1
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