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6th August 2011

Apple surpasses Nokia to become world's largest smartphone maker

Three months after overtaking Nokia to capture revenue leadership of the entire mobile market, Apple has repeated the trick and ousted the Finnish vendor from the top spot by smartphone units shipped. According to research by Strategy Analytics, Samsung sold 19.2 million smartphones in the second quarter of this year: good enough to usurp Nokia from the #2 position, but still shy of Apple’s phenomenal 20.34 million shipments.

Physics-based puzzler Cover Orange goes free on iPhone

There's good news and bad news for fans of FDG Entertainment's physics-based iPhone puzzler Cover Orange. Good, in that it's now free. Yep, completely and utterly free. Bad, in that it didn't quite make the cut for our Top 5 physics-based games chart on iPhone. In Cover Orange, rather than try to destroy, the aim is to fortify, with a delicate anthropomorphic orange the centre of your attention.

Limbic Software throws perpetual climber Nuts! at gamers for free

To celebrate the release of its latest iPhone title Zombie Gunship (which is already zooming up the UK chart), Limbic Software has reduced the price of its tree-climbing arcade game Nuts! to nothing. Playing as intrepid squirrel Jake, you must ascend the Infinitree and collect power-ups and coins en route to the elusive canopy. Nuts! featured in our Top 10 games of May 2011 list, so for less than a bag of pork scratchings, why the devil not, eh?

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If you don’t already know, Qi trawls the print and online media for game and app reviews from respected sources like Macworld, TiPb, 148Apps, and GameSpot. A unique Qi formula is then applied to each site and publication to establish a definitive Qi score for the app or game. Top 5 recommendation lists, news round-ups, and regular industry analysis complement the dynamic Qi charts. Qi has its own Twitter feed, too, @qualityindex.

Notable changes to the Quality Index charts

Boogying maniacally onto Qi's dancefloor this week is the audio-visual spectacular Groove Coaster. With its psychedelic animations and tub-thumping tunes, Taito's rhythm-action iPhone game is definitely gonna get you.

And since it comes from the mind of Reisuke Ishida - the man behind the frankly brilliant Space Invaders Infinity Gene - we're not surprised this one has performed as well as it has on our chart.

TouchMyApps couldn't stop listening to, or indeed playing, Groove Coaster during review, remarking that, "it’s challenging, engrossing, and fun, and between the three difficulty levels, the achievements and the avatars, items and skins to earn, there is incredible replay value."

Not content with picking up a BAFTA for Best Handheld Game earlier in the year, Cut the Rope maker ZeptoLab has dangled another high-quality and exceptionally tasty morsel in front of app consumers' mouths.

In this semi-sequel Cut the Rope: Experiments, players once again do exactly what it says on the tin, slicing lengths of string in careful ways to feed the insatiable, wee monster Om Nom.

There’s a new character in this second Cut the Rope outing alongside a host of fresh gameplay mechanics, but what we’re really waiting for is the Cut the Rope comic book, coming soon.


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iQi Weekly Round-Up image #1
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