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Whilst UK chart stalwarts WhatsApp Messenger and Angry Birds resume their places at the top of the download tree this week, it's not the same old, same old entirely.

With a new bag of CGI pointlessness from Michael Bay hitting cinemas this week, it's little to no surprise to see a Transformers adaptation make the list.

The previous Autobots outing on iPhone, Transformers G1: Awakening, actually featured on our extremely recent Top 5 superhero countdown, so we've got a beady eye on Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Britain's new #4.

A basket-sized update, meanwhile, to every greengrocer's favourite slice-'em-up Fruit Ninja has propelled Halfbrick's colourful slasher up the apps leaderboard.

By cutting the newly introduced pomegranate on-screen as many times as possible, you can rack up a massive score and clear away any bombs in the vicinity.

And given the publisher has now sold over 6 million portions of Fruit Ninja, there's every possibility one of your friends has it installed, too, for some multiplayer carnage.

If melon-based violence isn't your cup of tea, how about the newest entry onto the Top 10, eh, eh?

Trinity Interactive's Call of Mini: Zombies pits players against waves of the undead, naturally. I mean, violently abusing zombies just never gets old, does it?!

Can the latest in a looonnnnnnnnnnng line of zombie bashers maintain a foothold over the next seven evenings, or will it submit to the hordes of apps inevitably shuffling onto the Store?

Tune in next Friday to find out.

official Top 10 UK Paid Apps chart (8 July 2011) is looking as follows:

  1. WhatsApp Messenger
  2. Angry Birds
  3. Tower Defense: Lost Earth
  4. Transformers: Dark of the Moon
  5. Fruit Ninja
  6. Call of Mini: Zombies
  7. Rc Plane 2
  8. Angry Birds Seasons
  9. Monopoly
  10. Fight Night Champion
Top 10 UK Paid Apps on iPhone image #1
Top 10 UK Paid Apps on iPhone image #1
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