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16th October 2010

Yahoo! Messenger app enables iPhone to PC video chat

Offering a range of features from buzz notifications, low cost international calls, and real-time media sharing, the free Yahoo! Messenger app made contact with the iPhone 18 months ago. The instant messaging and VoiP client Yahoo! Messenger has received a significant update, enabling owners of the iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 to initiate video calls with other Yahoo! Messenger buddies on webcam-equipped desktops / laptops for the first time.

Pro Zombie Soccer
on sale at App Store Stadium

Way back in June, Apple launched a promotion on iTunes highlighting ‘The Best iPhone Games You’ve Never Played’. One such beneficiary is Pro Zombie Soccer, which combines the nation’s favourite pastime and the ever-popular enemy / victim the zombie. Instead of flicking throughballs into the back of the net, your accursed hero Jax must fire rocketshots into the back of the flesh eaters’s heads. You’ll be psyched to read that Pro Zombie Soccer is now on sale at 59p.

iPhone publisher ngmoco purchased by Japanese social gamers DeNA

Highly Qi rated iPhone games publisher ngmoco has been acquired by Tokyo-based videogame developer DeNA to the tune of $400 million. Whilst the former is responsible for two of Qi’s highest scoring titles to date - Rolando and Rolando 2 - the latter’s success has been limited to its native Japan. With its acquisition of ngmoco, DeNA is now well placed to adopt a leading position in the still nascent mobile social gaming arena here in the West.

Cut the Rope
attracts 1 million sales in 10 days

After swinging onto the Top 10 Paid Apps chart on iPhone only two days after release, Chillingo’s monster hit Cut the Rope continues to break records left, right, and Game Center. Spikes, electricity, and spiders have proven little impediment to Om Nom’s success on the App Store, with the casual physics-based puzzler having racked up 1 million sales in ten days. According to the developer’s CTO, the cord-slicing wonder should be receiving some updates in the coming months.

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Notable changes to the Quality Index charts

Gameloft’s contemporary take on open warfare, Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus, didn’t possess quite enough bullets in its arsenal to stave off the gaming competition on the Qi recent releases chart.

The French publisher’s epic action romp across the world’s battlefields has been tangoed down by a pair of casual hits, which share that common, often intangible, characteristic...instant addictiveness.

This week, Chien Ming Liang’s 0.03 seconds and Chillingo’s Cut the Rope occupy the #1 and 2 positions respectively; the former a reflex-testing assortment of mini-games, the latter a physics-based brain teaser starring an adorable, sweet toothed monster.

On reviewing Chillingo’s latest time-killing App Store sensation, TouchMyApps finds that “the puzzles are challenging, the music keeps you tappin’, and it’s almost impossible to resist the cuteness that is Om Nom.”

Will the candy-loving critter’s 100 devilishly designed levels and Chien Ming Liang’s blink-and-you’ll- miss-it challenges prove adequate to stay on top of the incredibly competitive Qi countdown?

One potential contender for that coveted Qi top spot is 10tons Ltd’s innovative take on the match-three puzzle genre, Heroes of Kalevala.

Set in the mysterious, eponymous land, you are tasked with building a detailed village from scratch over 140 distinctive levels, featuring tar fights, lock bombs, and plenty of head scratching.

Heroes of Kalevala’s marriage of puzzle and simulation attracted high praise from Slide to Play’s Nadia Oxford: “The simple act of buying houses, laying them down, and besting that bloody crow for more coins is a richly satisfying experience.”

Qi couldn't agree more.

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