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18th June 2010

Angry Birds is fastest-selling paid iPhone app

Lima Sky's Doodle Jump has been knocked off its throne by Rovio's feathery flinger Angry Birds. With four million paid downloads just five months after its release, Angry Birds and the Lite version have been downloaded over 10 million times.

Pre-orders for iPhone 4 already sold out

With the iPhone 4 only just available for pre-order, the first batch of the next Apple product is already sold out. Further pre-orders have now been pushed back to July 2nd for both the black and the white model of the new phone.

Pro Zombie Soccer now available for iPhone

Combining football and the undead, Pro Zombie Soccer has lurched its way into the App Store. Developed by a new squad called Super Awesome Hyper Dimensional Mega Team - made up in part by the makers of Plants vs Zombies - the game pits you against a team of 11 zombies.

PES 2010 now available for iPhone

The next instalment of popular football gaming series Pro Evolution Soccer has landed in the App Store. PES 2010 has arrived just in time for the World Cup and is the first Pro Evo game to be released for the iPhone.

Notable changes to the Quality index charts

With new high-rating reviews in, Meteor Blitz from Alley Labs has now taken the joint Quality Index top spot with a score of 9.3, joining the links of Zen Bound, Rolando, and Tap Tap Revenge with the highest Qi score.

Carcassonne hasn't been so lucky - last week it was riding high in the recently released charts, but a couple of lower review scores have taken it down a few notches to fourth position with a Quality Index of 8.8, allowing Square Enix's Chaos Rings to take the top spot once more.

The newly-released puzzler Sigma has received fairly good scores, giving it a Quality Index of 8.2 and earning it a spot just at the bottom of the top 10 new releases chart.

Angry Birds has once against taken the number one spot at the top of the official iTunes Top Paid Apps chart, with last week's number one Fragger now nowhere to be seen - such is the way of the App Store!

The likes of Doodle Jump, FatBooth, Fruit Ninja, and WhatsApp Messenger are now joined by Real Football 2010 - unsurprising, given that the World Cup is currently underway - and Finger Physics.

Pivi now also has two apps in the top 10, with both FatBooth and AgingBooth clearly providing iPhone users with lots of laughs.

The official Top Paid Apps chart is looking as follows:

1. Angry Birds
2. FatBooth
3. Talking Carl
4. Doodle Jump
5. WhatsApp Messenger
6. Fruit Ninja
7. Real Football 2010
8. Finger Physics: Finger Fun
9. Hungry Shark - Part 2
10. AgingBooth

Other big iPhone news this week:

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of Lions coming to iPhone September 15th

Square Enix has confirmed that Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of Lions is to be released on iPhone later this year. Originally a PlayStation game back in 1997, the game was also released on PSP two years ago.

Pix'n Love Rush now available for iPhone

Bulkypix has released platformer Pix'n Love Rush to the App Store. Featuring a pixellated graphical style reminiscent of classic portable titles, the game has a standard campaign mode, plus an Infinity mode which sees you running for as long as possible without messing up.

Geometry Wars: Touch now a universal app

Initially an iPad only game, Geometry Wars: Touch has now been made a Universal app, allowing iPhone gamers to download and play. The arena blaster from Activision Blizzard costs £2.99 / $4.99 / €3.99.

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iQi Weekly Round-Up image #1
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