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11th June 2010

Trainyard puzzler rolls into the station on iPhone

Trainyard, a puzzler revolving around trains and tracks, is now available for iPhone. Players draw tracks on a grid with their finger, connecting the trains starting point to the finishing station. If all the trains finish up in the correct stations, the level is complete.

BBC Micro platformer Qwak now available for iPhone

Originally a BBC Micro title, Jamie Woodhouse's Qwak has undergone a re-envisioning, and is now available for iPhone. Playing as a brightly coloured duck, your task on each level is to eat fruit, dodge baddies, grab keys, and unlock the exit.

iPhone 4 coming June 24th for $199 / $299

At the WWDC 2010 this week, Apple finally revealed all the details regarding the next iPhone. Coming to stores worldwide on June 24th, the device will be known as the iPhone 4, with a price tag of $199 for the 16GB version and $299 for the 32GB.

WWDC 10 starts today, with iPhone 4G and OS 4.0 announcements on the way

The Worldwide Developers Conference 2010 kicked off this week in San Francisco, hosted by Apple. Amongst the announcements and hardware on display, Apple showed off the iPhone 4G, and provided more details including a release date and final specs.

Notable changes to the Quality Index charts

The biggest addition this week is boardgame conversion Carcassonne, which has shot to the top of the ratings charts. Currently, it has a Qi score of 10, but only two reviews have come in.

However, it's safe to assume that the game will still be hanging around the top spot once more reviews come in.

Guitar Hero for iPhone was released this week, and has a Qi rating of 7.4 over five reviews, just missing out on a place in the latest Top 10 ratings chart.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 was finally released worldwhile this week, having previously been a US-only app. Hence, we'll probably see more scores coming in to add to the game's 8.3 Qi score.

In the Top Paid Apps chart this week, Angry Birds has finally been knocked off the top by Miniclip's Fragger. Unsurprisingly, Guitar Hero has jumped into the chart already, placing fourth.

The usuals are still hanging around, including Doodle Jump and Fruit Ninja. Daredevil Dave has found a place at #10, due to a 99c sale.

The official Top Paid Apps chart is looking as follows:

1. Fragger

2. Angry Birds
3. FatBooth
4. Guitar Hero
5. Basic French For Dummies
6. World Cup Schedule
7. Doodle Jump
8. WhatsApp Messenger
9. Fruit Ninja
10. Daredevil Dave: Motorcycle Stuntman!

Other big iPhone new this week:

Tapulous partners up with Warner Music Group

The Tap Tap series is about to get even bigger, as developer Tapulous strikes a deal with Warner Music Group. The company will develop four iPhone games over the next year, each focussing on one of Warner Music's artists.

Classic board game Risk coming to iPhone

EA has announced it is bringing Risk to iPhone this summer. Players will be able to conquer the world against AI-controlled opponents in a single-player campaign, or against friends via wi-fi, Bluetooth, or Pass 'n' Play.

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iQi Weekly Round-Up image #1
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