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Top 5 Cartoon Network Games on iPhone

Best ways to get animated on iPhone

If there's one thing that can unite TV viewers of all ages and backgrounds, it's a good cartoon.

The aptly named Cartoon Network is full of them, churning out superior animated efforts that draw a broad crowd. This success has led to a number of iOS game tie-ins, and even some completely original IP.

From Adventure Time to The Powerpuff Girls, there are a bunch of excellent games here. Check out the Top 5 Cartoon Network Games on iPhone.

We hope you've got a sweet tooth.

Arguably the finest Cartoon Network game of all has nothing to do with a Cartoon Network cartoon. Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake is a gorgeous, charming adventure-puzzler that evokes Nintendo's Zelda series, but with a bite-sized approach to level design.
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This Gumball tie-in takes the form of a slick side-scrolling beat-'em-up with combos, collectibles, and walking mutant carrots. As you do.
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Adventure Time is one of the more popular cartoons on the network, and this addictive endless runner combines that property with the Ski Safari iOS game. Slide, somersault, and hitch a ride with Jake, LSP, Marceline, Princess Bubblegum and co. as you bid to outrun an avalanche.
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iOS puzzlers don't come much slicker than Globlins. It's all about setting off chain reactions, making coloured globules pop in such a way that they ignite surrounding examples. Very satisfying indeed.
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Everyone loves the Powerpuff Girls, right? Well you'll love them even more in this surprisingly sprawling action-adventure game. As you re-acquire the trio's lost powers, an intricately interconnected spread of levels will open up before you.
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