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Top 5 Snake-influenced Games on iPhone

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Viewed by many as the grandaddy of mobile gaming, Snake came to prominence when it was preloaded onto Nokia feature phones at the turn of the millenium.

Here was a simple, addictive arcade-style game in which you had to guide a growing 'snake' around a series of confined arenas, picking up points and avoiding crashing into your own tail.

It’s often forgotten in these days of sophisticated smartphone gaming, but Snake still has an influence today. Check out the Top 5 Snake-influenced games on iPhone if you don't believe me.

Mind your tail on the way through.

With Hard Lines, Spilt Milk Studios takes Snake's timeless dot-gobbling, tail-extending gameplay and throws in a competitive element reminiscent of the Tron movies. It's not just your tail you need to watch out for here - there are several rivals operating in the same arena.
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It's not a match we would have predicted, but Nimble Quest's marriage of Snake with action-RPG elements turns out to be irresistible. Every segment of your 'snake' here is a classic fantasy hero with its own automatic attack, turning the game into a unique arena brawler.
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The maker of Hyper Snake is the one game developer on this list to wear its Snake influence on its sleeve (or at least in the title). However, the gameplay itself is more reminiscent of Tilt to Live, while the neon-drenched visuals are pure Geometry Wars.
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Each game on this list is pretty good looking, but TCHOW Rainbow is easily the most stylish. In this quirky game, you effectively control eight 'snakes' at once in the form of a rainbow, stripping away individual colours to squeeze through tight gaps.
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Colossatron is the game on this list that's least reminiscent of the original Snake. The influence is clear, mind. You don't directly control the rampaging snake-monster at the heart of this game. Rather, you're adding strategic components to its body in a bid to boost its chances of survival.
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