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Top 5 Rockstar Games on iPhone

Best console crime capers on iPhone

Rockstar has developed and published some of the biggest console games of the past decade. And you can now get some of the best of these on your iPhone.

Of course, GTA games dominate the roster, but the UK’s biggest video game company has published a few other gems on Apple's mobile platform, too.

Let’s take a look at the Top 5 Rockstar games on iPhone.

Prepare to embark on some virtual mayhem.

Though Chinatown Wars is often seen as the black sheep of the GTA family, it actually turns out to be the best iPhone game. That's because it's been built for portable play, with a simple top-down viewpoint, snappy missions, and a more lighthearted tone.
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Rockstar's latest iPhone game is the last GTA from its golden PS2 period. San Andreas is an open-world crime sim with staggering scope (the game's spread over three cities across a fictional California). San Andreas also boasts the tightest virtual controls in the series yet.
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If San Andreas is the most ambitious GTA game of its generation, then Vice City is the best loved. It's one big parody of, or homage to, '80s America. So, yeah, all pastel hues, cheesy synth ballads, and shoulder pads.
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The game that transformed the GTA series from cult favourite to globe-straddling juggernaut. With GTA III, Rockstar also set the rules for its current 3D open-world incarnation. Walk, drive, or fly anywhere you like; embark on insane rampages; or just explore its vast city for hidden packages.
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The one non-GTA game on this list is something of an action classic in its own right. You know all those third-person action games in which you jump around in slow motion, taking out dozens of enemies with twin pistols? Max Payne 'invented' all that, and it plays surprisingly well on iPhone.
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