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Top 5 Scary Games on iPhone

Best ways to get in the Halloween spirit on iPhone

It’s that charming time of the year again when we dress our kids up as deranged killers and bloodthirsty monsters and send them out to bully our neighbours for food.

Regardless of the questionable merits of Halloween, it can’t be denied that we all like a good scare from time to time.

Which is why we thought it's a good time to find the Top 5 scary games on iPhone. These five wicked morsels of iOS goodness will give you more chills than a British autumn.

All are best played alone, with the headphones on and the lights off.

Dead Space might be a slick console-standard third-person action game, but it's also an incredibly tense horror experience. In it, you'll be shooting at shadows - and much, much worse.
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This simple grab-and-go collection game has been turned into a white-knuckle ride through its haunted house setting and the masterful use of lighting and sound. Collect the money and escape before a terrifying ghoul catches up with you!
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Take the lush Unreal Engine-powered action of Infinity Blade and set it in an abandoned hospital populated by all manner of unearthly creatures, and you have Dark Meadow. It's one of the creepiest games available for iPhone.
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Developer 3 Cubes Research knows how to make a scary iOS game, and Indigo Lake is probably its best effort yet. Investigate the spooky goings-on at a remote island in this unsettling first-person adventure.
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You wouldn't think that a tilt-operated mazey puzzle game could give you the creeps, right? Yet the maker of Soul manages to do just that. Guide your character's soul through an abandoned hospital in a bid to escape to heaven. Oh, did we say 'abandoned'...?
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