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Top 5 Viking Games on iPhone

Best games for iPhone owners with an axe to grind

Vikings aren't quite as ubiquitous in iOS gaming as pirates, but they still manage to launch the odd devastating raid on your free time.

Given the Vikings' thirst for battle, natty boats, and those distinctive (albeit historically inaccurate) horned hats, it's perhaps unsurprising that many game developers have chosen to hang their games on them.

Without any further ado, then, here are the Top 5 Viking games on iPhone.

We recommend you plunder the App Store for these beauties. Quick-sharp.

The first game to be released under the Rovio Stars publishing arm is also one of the finest casual physics-puzzlers on iPhone. Slice, swing, slide, and tumble a bunch of lost Vikings back into their boat in glorious comic book fashion.
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Vikings are just one of three warring tribes you can take direct control of in this superb 2D real-time strategy game. Saying that, they're clearly the main event. Just look at the app icon! The only thing more impressive than this game's approachable strategy gameplay is its stunning high-res visuals.
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The tables are well and truly turned in Armor Games's physics-puzzler, as those marauding Vikings become your nemesis and target. Think of Siege Hero as a first-person Angry Birds, and you won't go far wrong.
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Of course, those Vikings were also rather good at building and sailing boats. With Vikings Row!, iwin nails that close-knit nautical gang theme. Guide your crew of Norse travellers to safety with an innovative dual-fingered swipe-to-row control system.
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Yet another physics-puzzler starring everyone's favourite grumpy Scandinavians. In the Horrible Vikings, Low Five Games (once again in a game on this list) channels the spirit of Angry Birds. This time, though, there's a little more variety and platformer nuance.
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