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Top 5 Games for Showing Off Your iPhone 5S

Best ways to stretch that A7 chip

Yes, yes, yes! Apple has launched a new iPhone with a spiffy new thumbprint reader, a super-slo-mo camera, and a shiny gold colour option. Very good.

But how does the iPhone 5S handle games? Very well, indeed, as it happens. Not only is it twice as powerful as the iPhone 5, but it also comes with the decidedly game-friendly iOS 7 operating system. It's a potent combination.

Here are our Top 5 games for showing off your new iPhone 5S.

Provided you managed to get one before Apple sold out, that is.

It doesn't have flashy 3D graphics, but Bastion is still one of the best-looking games on iOS. That's mainly thanks to its super-detailed and highly imaginative 2D fantasy world. It's also an awesome action-RPG in its own right. What's more, with iOS 7 controller support, you can play it as the developer intended right here on your iPhone 5S.
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We've chosen Limbo for the same reason as we chose Bastion. It's a gorgeous 2D adventure that will load up and perform snappily on the iPhone 5S, AND comes with iOS 7 controller support. Given it's a 2D platformer, this is especially good news. You can't beat a solid set of buttons for jumping around a nightmare-infested world.
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The iPhone 5S is the most powerful smartphone on the market. There are numerous benchmarks to prove it. Soon, there'll be plenty of optimised games to take advantage of all that power. For now, though, there are few games more capable of putting a new handset through its paces than Lili. It's a graphically lush adventure game built using the Unreal Engine, and the 5S handles it with aplomb.
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This one's a no-brainer. Apple actually used Infinity Blade III to show off the potential of the iPhone 5S's new 64-bit A7 chip. As such, Chair's graphically rich 3D hack 'n' slasher has a level of extra environment detail that's exclusive to iPhone 5S.
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Alongside the Infinity Blade franchise, the Real Racing series is a favourite of Apple's. Why? Because these console-standard racers invariably look the business, with fast-moving and highly detailed 3D car models. Oh, and not to mention realistic physics. Firemonkeys's Real Racing 3 moves and plays best on iPhone 5S.
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