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Top 5 DIY Games on iPhone

Best ways to build something memorable on iPhone

If you clicked on this feature expecting to find a collection of shed-building simulators, we're sorry. We're not talking about THAT kind of DIY.

Rather, we're talking about those games in which you're invited to make your own fun. Games that require as much imagination and craft from you as they did from the developer.

Suffice it to say, if you use gaming to switch off from the creative concerns of everyday life, you'll probably want to give these Top 5 DIY games on iPhone a miss.

For those who want to involve themselves more in the fun-making process, though, let's get building!

Despite Majic Jungle Software's similar side-on retro-influenced take on building to other game creators on this list, The Blockheads stands out for the way in which the crafting process has been simplified for touchscreen devices. It's just you, a vast range of construction materials, and a charming open world to explore.
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The Sandbox dev does away with nearly all traditional video game elements such as levels and avatars here. Instead, you're just given a vast range of world-building toys with which to play. With deceptively deep physics and elemental systems at its core, The Sandbox lives up to its name - and then some.
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With this sequel to a much-loved iPhone building game, Pixbits hones the formula to near-perfection. Junk Jack X is a side-scrolling platformer with a rich open world in which to build, well, whatever you like, really. There's even an adventure mode for those who demand a little purpose.
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One of the recent darlings of the indie game world, Terraria may have surfaced on iOS later than a number of its fine imitators, but that doesn't mean it isn't worth playing. This free-roaming 2D platformer-cum-construction game can be very exacting as you bid to survive its harsh world through wits and ingenuity alone. It's all the more rewarding for it, mind.
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Arguably the game that kicked off the whole DIY / building game craze, Minecraft landed on iOS in undoubtedly diminished form. There's still plenty of that Mojang magic to be gleaned from Minecraft: Pocket Edition, though, and the game's Lego-like 3D world will only grow and improve over time. We suggest getting into this construction project at the ground floor.
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