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Top 5 Retro Racers on iPhone

Best ways to hit the nostalgia highway on iPhone

Racing games have evolved to the point where you can now play breathtaking 3D console experiences with realistic physics and complex driving models on your iPhone.

But there's still a market for those retro racers with tight handling, basic 2D graphics, and simple yet nuanced handling.

Check out these Top 5 retro racers on iPhone and transport yourself back to simpler times. You know, when all that mattered was the racing line.

Feel free to add your own supplemental tyre noises.

Delta-V Racing evokes the kind of tight combat racing with which fans of classic Mario Kart and WipEout games will be entirely familiar. And it's all dressed up in a retro-futuristic 2D wrapper.
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Measured Software's stripped-back 2D racer offers intense track-based racing with just two controls (left and right). Thanks to an excellent driving model, you need real skill here to pick out the right line and keep your little car on course for victory.
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One of the most influential games on the current 3D arcade racing crop was Sega's OutRun. With Final Freeway 2R, Newtype K.K. pays a blatant but loving tribute to that '80s classic. Fluid 2D graphics, a catchy synth soundtrack, and multiple paths ensure that it's a faithful one, too.
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Made by the developer of a number of classic Amiga racers, Retro Racing doesn't disappoint. That's primarily because of its sharpened 8-bit graphics, super-fast top-down track racing, and challenging handling model.
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If you grew up playing the Micro Machines games on your 8-bit or 16-bit console, then you'll feel right at home with Paper Racer. It's got that familiar mix of outlandish track design, improbable power-ups, and a scrappy approach to securing the #1 spot.
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