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Top 5 Aquatic Racers on iPhone

Best ways to get wet and wild on iPhone

Racing games are typically tight, rigid affairs where the hard limits of rubber and metal are put to the test in squealing fury.

Replace all that asphalt and grass with water, though, and you have an altogether different appeal. Water-based racing is more fluid (quite literally), relies on less predictable physics, and is chock-full of wacky stunts.

It's a fascinatingly varied sub-genre, so let's get our feet wet with this Top 5 aquatic racers on iPhone list.

Wetsuits recommended.

The rest of this list is populated by loud and furious powerboat racers. This top-rated game, however, is a supremely tactical and considered sailboat racer. In Infinite Dreams's Sailboat Championship 2013, it's all about utilising the wind and taking the correct line. Did I mention this game looks stunning to boot? I did? Great.
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Evoking the console racers we've all grown up with, Powerboat Challenge 3D is a big, brash, noisy, and impressively slick racer. As its name suggests, it boasts chunky 3D graphics. The racing itself is agreeably fast paced.
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The creator of Shine Runner gets back to the matter of serious aquatic racing with Riptide GP 2. And it's a worthy sequel. Featuring improved water physics, intense online multiplayer races, and a full trick system, Vector Unit's latest creates quite a splash.
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In Shine Runner, you're racing against the clock rather than any direct opponents - although occasional run-ins with the law more than make up for the lack of competition. It's more of an endless-runner, in truth, as you power along in your flat-bottomed fanboat. It's still a hoot, mind.
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The waves in Aqua Moto Racing 2's lurch and roll so convincingly that you may struggle to keep your lunch down the first time you play it. This is an exotic world tour of an arcade racer, containing plenty of globe-spanning races and 12 unique jet skis.
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