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Top 5 Squad-Based Strategy Games on iPhone

Best ways to advance as a team on iPhone

The strategy genre is far more varied than many people realise. Most think of them as epic zoomed-out experiences where you macro-manage whole armies.

We're going to give some love today to a somewhat niche yet much-loved (and currently all-the-rage) strategy sub-genre. Those squad-based games in which you zoom right in on a small set of components to carefully consider your immediate surroundings, lines of sight, and tactical combinations.

These Top 5 squad-based strategy games on iPhone are the perfect distillation of tactical gaming, and they're brilliantly suited to mobile play.

Form up and roll out.

This is the big one. The original XCOM arguably influenced every other game on this list with its tight, engrossing squad-based action. This impeccable conversion (from 2K and Firaxis) of the recent console reboot comfortably lives up to that legacy.
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If you find yourself hankering after the original brand of XCOM rather than the flashy, streamlined reboot, then Aliens versus Humans is the closest you're going to get. It's got a familiar blend of ridiculously challenging turn-based squad play and retro visuals.
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Probably the most easy-going and action-oriented game on this list, The Game Bakers's Squids Wild West is the perfect entry point for anyone daunted by the genre's complexity. Here, you guide a small crew of underwater warriors into up-close, turn-based battle. The key difference is that you move and attack with a nifty real-time pinging system.
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Another game to wear its XCOM influence on its sleeve (the App Store blurb even contains an endorsement from XCOM's creator), Hunters 2 features lush, detailed graphics, a compelling sci-fi world, and extremely mobile-friendly controls. Go for Warhammer Quest from the same developer if you prefer a fantasy setting, mind.
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You might associate the Final Fantasy name with sprawling widescreen JRPGs, but Final Fantasy Tactics is every inch the accomplished squad-based strategy game. With a zoomed-in isometric viewpoint and a dauntingly deep battle system, this one could last you 100 hours or more.
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