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Top 5 iPhone Games Beginning with the Letter 'Q'

Best ways to jump the Q on iPhone

Though we do like to be constructive with our Top 5 advice here on Qi, we also have natural leanings towards the random and stupid. It's a constant battle keeping a balance between the two, we can tell you.

We've revealed the best-rated games in pretty much every genre you can think of (and plenty that you can't), but even then we sometimes can't find space to highlight all the little gems that surface on the App Store on a weekly basis.

So, in a bid to find a new angle on some of the finest games on iPhone, we thought we'd pay tribute to Qi and list the Top 5 iPhone games beginning with 'Q'.

Because... well, why not?

With this delightful little game, MAG Interactive brings a real sense of class and attention-to-detail to the oft-neglected social trivia genre. It's essentially a bright and bouncy boardgame, but one that has been beautifully adapted to a mobile touchscreen interface. Good stuff.
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Speaking of boardgames, Indiagames takes elements of family-friendly turn-based competition here, stirs in a generous dollop of word game magic, and seasons with a light sprinkling of turn-based strategy. Delicious.
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This game's title sounds like a question you might ask a Spanish local, but this is actually a gently beautiful puzzler that's packed full of ingenious spatial conundrums. It's the subdued, Zen-like atmosphere that really pulls you in, though.
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You'd think that the letter 'Q' stood for 'stylish brain taxer' when it comes to iOS games, wouldn't you. Well, here's another. QatQi contains a daily dose of word puzzle posers, all dressed up in a uniquely stylish wrapper.
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An oldie but a goodie, Qbism is a 3D puzzler in which its creator has definitely put the iPhone's touchscreen interface to good use. Oh, and your spatial awareness to the test. Good luck, soldier.
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