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There's been a definite resurgence of interest in classic gamebooks on iOS in recent times. If you don't know what we mean by "gamebooks", think of those Choose Your Own Adventure books that were popular back when kids used to read.

Of course, with the introduction of smartphones and their touchscreens and their multi-core processors, the gamebooks of today are far flashier and more interactive than the humble paper examples of old.

There's a ridiculous range of high-quality digital gamebooks on offer on the App Store nowadays, but consider our Top 5 gamebooks on iPhone for starters.

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Fighting Fantasy started out as a massively acclaimed series of role-playing gamebooks back in the '80s, and its reappearance on iPhone has been a triumphant one. With some exemplary writing and compelling dice roll battles, The Forest of Doom is arguably the best of the Fighting Fantasy lot.
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Another entry from Fighting Fantasy developer Tin Man Games, Trial of the Clone contains a hefty dose of humour and is full of all kinds of geek cred (you can have it read to you by Wil Wheaton). It's less 'gamey' than some of the other entries on this list, but Trial of the Clone arguably boasts the freshest story.
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One of the co-creators of the Fighting Fantasy gamebooks, Steve Jackson, lends his considerable talents to a completely new iOS gamebook here. Sorcery! benefits from a typically strong fantasy story, though its incredibly hands-on battle system really sets it apart from its digital contemporaries.
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Yes, there really are eight Gamebook Adventures, err, gamebooks on iOS. And, yep, they're all brilliantly told romps. We'll give the eighth and latest entry the nod here, primarily because it represents quite a departure from the rest of the series, with the author venturing away from fantasy and into an intriguing sci-fi universe.
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Speaking of sci-fi, Tin Man Games is back again with Judge Dredd: Countdown Sector 106. Besides supplying readers / players with a strong story, the company has translated the violent world of 2000 AD's tough future cop extremely well, thanks in no small part to a surprisingly visceral turn-based combat system.
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