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Top 5 iPhone Apps for Wine Lovers

Best pocket sommeliers on iPhone

Being into wine isn't quite the snobby elitist pastime it used to be. Whether you're after a £6 bottle of plonk to wash down a takeaway pizza or are looking to invest three figures in a vintage variety for a special occasion, there's bound to be a red or white bottle with your name on it somewhere nearby.

Of course, unless you are a confirmed wine connoisseur, it can be hard to distinguish between the divine and the not-so-divine. No one likes to spend good money on something that tastes like salad dressing, after all.

With our Top 5 iPhone apps for wine lovers guide, however, you need never resort to the 'it's on offer at Tesco' school of thinking again.

Check out these corking wine apps. Take your time: there's no best before date.

Ever had a fantastic bottle of wine at a restaurant or friend's place and mysteriously forgotten the name of it by the following morning (perhaps after a second bottle)? The Winecellar is the perfect tool for such an occasion, allowing you to log your experiences, making tasting notes and accompanying food recommendations.
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In certain social situations, you might not be inclined to spend five minutes tapping away at your phone. Enter Delectable Wine, which packs some powerful image recognition software to log your wine-tasting experiences. Just use your iPhone's camera to take a snap, and the Delectable Wine database should do the rest.
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As its name suggests, Open Air Publishing's Wine Simplified is aimed at educating those of us who don't necessarily know our Chablis from our Châteauneuf-du-Pape. This particularly tasty app will help you pinpoint exactly what you like in a wine, and help you remember those tricky names through tasting videos and interactive guided tours for all the big wine regions.
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This handy little app is for those who want to take their wine passion a little deeper. It enables you to keep track of hot vintage varieties from around the world, including their tasting notes, value, and advice on when to drink. It'll also keep you up to date on what's new in the world of fermented grape juice.
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Wine Paradigm's app is perhaps the most intuitive wine guide tool around, thus making it the perfect choice for absolute wine beginners. You don't just learn about grape varieties and wine producers with Pocket Wine, you see. Nope, you also discover the perfect wine for you based on your taste preferences. If you're not sure of your wine palate just yet, then give Pocket Wine a go.
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